Sender According to David Berlo argument

Sender According to David Berlo argument

According to David Berlo argument, the sender is the person who is sending the message to the receiver. The content of the message originates from him for this case. For the intended message to reach to the receiver there should be communication skills which normally tend to affect the communication process.
The sender should therefore ensure that he or she has good communication skills for the information passed be interpreted well hence appropriate feedback. This means that if the information or the message passed is not communicated well then there will be a communication break up or misunderstanding. But according to this model, there are also a number of issues which may affect the message interpretation;
Attitude of the sender and the receiver may always create the effects of the message. The person’s attitude towards self, the receiver and the environment changes the meaning and the effect of the message. When the attitude of the sender is bad by the time the sender is sending the message, and then the receiver will misunderstand the content of the message properly. This will automatically lead to communication breakup.
Knowledge or familiarity; when the sender understands the message/ the subject matter he or she is communicating to the receiver then the message will be understood by the receiver effectively, hence effective communication.
Social systems; values, beliefs, laws, rules, religion and many other social factors affects the senders way of communicating the message. In social systems also fall place and situation.
Culture; the cultural parities may also affect the understanding of the message by the receiver. Cultural parities may make the interpretation of the massage to come out totally different from the intended message by the sender. It shows that what a sender may believe is right within his/her culture, may be a forbidden, a taboo or a vice to the other culture.


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