Schools should be as LO and majority of research discovered that LO is from an economic perspective and also studied on market valuation

Schools should be as LO and majority of research discovered that LO is from an economic perspective and also studied on market valuation

Schools should be as LO and majority of research discovered that LO is from an economic perspective and also studied on market valuation (Brennan, 2001), financial aspects of make profit and company’s performance (Chan, 2009) by business companies (Senge, 2006). There is evidence that schools move towards learning organizations to lead students will succeed (Chan ; Weldy, 2009). LO to be essential since it fill a big picture in how LO can be linked to schools to increase student achievement. LO facilitate KM to enhance learning and teaching in the schools. Knowledge management which suggest to school to develop more ability among its employees to be at the edge of knowledge and skill and support in aspects of learning and teaching (Kelly, Luke ; Green, 2008).
Garvin ; Edmondson ; Gino (2008) say LO is a place where employees excellent at building, acquiring, exchange and transferring knowledge information. Furthermore, Seng, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross ; Smith (1996) found that LO is a place where people are continually extend their ability to make the results which they want and where people are continually learning how to learn together. Senge (2006) believes LO are possible due to people nature need to learn and also they love it. Besides, Senge (2006) also suggests that people are able to learn because leaders in LO such as teachers are who lead every member of organizations in managing weak relationships between vision and the reality. So that, LO is a precious tool for facilitating knowledge management to improve learning and teaching skills in school (Weldy, 2009).
This articles discussed about the definition of LO and how can schools working in difficult education contexts build LO. The research objectives of this study is examined the reasons of many schools do not perform well with many money invested on education industry. However, this study found that 8 themes which can build LO in difficult contexts by the schools.
Firstly, personal mastery. This is the important indicator for teachers enables to build a LO in education industry. A few educator think that personal mastery is a concept of responsibility, perseverance and self-drive. Besides, LO is personal mastery and commitment to the enterprise’s vision and mission which is a terms that can create new knowledge information (Takeuchi & Nonaka, 2002). LO are built by people who are committed to a common undertaking. Next, mental models. People have their own emotion because they come from different background, culture and religion however they also respect to each other into the environment, which was a vital variables in build LO in schools. Senge et al., (1996) characterized that mental models decide how we view the problems and issues. In the same times, one of teacher say that respect and energetic ways of going about attitudes improve teamwork between them while the other teacher say they need to separate attitudes from issues.
The one of the way to build LO in difficult education is shared vision. This study clarified the communication among teachers enables to provide support to each other in order to achieve the purpose of learning and teaching. According to Senge et al., (1996), the key to build shared vision is focus on people express their common concepts in terms of vision, purpose, values, why their work matters and how it fits in the larger world. Shared vision also creates an opportunity to make people gather together and move them to fulfil their deepest aspirations.
Moreover, team learning also important in build LO in education industry. MacGilchrist et al (1997) say team learning is about the ability for teachers to working together to improve their performance behaviours in the classroom. Teachers say that individual within the school need support from subordinates, principal and parent because it would be easier to collaborate and there is a power in group force. Moreover, team work is about involvement and recognition of people. Next, system thinking. This study has revealed the teachers believed that the foundation of system thinking is meaningful connection and interaction among them. While, one of the teachers say they need review schools’ vision and mission clearly to make sure they are moving toward right direction. Teachers are supported to know that what is most important and which is need to focus on in the teaching process in order to manage the complexity of collegial relationships (Senge, 2006).
Furthermore, reflection. Teachers found that think about their job includes thinking about their role clarity is enables them to determine their mistakes. Besides, this is important to help teachers where they are processing. Most of them agreed that they have to reflect their works and engage in self-evaluation that they can implement corrective action where related to. Dialogue also is vital in build LO in difficult education contents. Teachers say that principal should listen to suggestions that come from different quarters and seen as positive growth experiences. Besides, in order to build common understanding among employees, principal should have responsibility and role clarity. Employees in education industry also must discussed the problem issues they have experienced and shouldn’t protect ourselves when we are doing wrong. Chattell (1995) found that dialogue encourages reformative thinking and generative listening and be open to possibilities that encourage creativity.
Lastly, the leadership. The efforts of building a LO are supported by principals who are instructional leaders, participative and visionary leaders. Teachers think that principal should haven’t cliques because it will avoid morale of employees broken. Senge (2006) conclude that capacity of principal to create context and necessary situations for the kind of learning in order schools become a LO organisation. In addition, individual behind the leadership in schools are best indicator of authority but they should define their goals.
I agree with this study’s finding. This is because I also think that schools should be LO, because school is a place which build up people’s attitude, behaviour, value and personality. In addition, teachers able to teaching and sharing their knowledge and information to students in the schools. However, there are difficult education in contents. Thus, school can solve this problems in terms of personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, system thinking, reflection, dialogue and leadership.


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