Review of Shakuntala The play ‘Shakuntala’ was written by Kalidasa

Review of Shakuntala The play ‘Shakuntala’ was written by Kalidasa

Review of Shakuntala The play ‘Shakuntala’ was written by Kalidasa. He was a great poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language. He wrote three plays and this play was regarded as a masterpiece among them. It was fully based on Hindu mythology. It was very famous too. This play was about the love of King Dushyanta for Shakuntala, a monastic girl. It discussed about the cultural context of ancient India and bought a natural and cultural feeling among the audience. It was not a tragedy but a mixture of joy and sorrow.
There are many characters in this play and they are surrounded by natural beauty and ancient culture. This play was a romantic story with a journey of joy, sorrow, emotions and tears. The King Dushyanta and Shakuntala loved and married each other. But unfortunately, a curse separated them and that was the only huge problem they faced in their life. So this play discussed about the struggles of their life and showed how they reunite finally. This play had many beautiful and charming songs which are mellifluous to the audience. The poetry context made the entire play interesting and mesmerising. To make the play more attractive and lovable, it had expressed many natural beauties like trees, groves, bush, creepers, forest, flowers and the beautiful flowing lake. It would take the audience to the world of imagination and it was so realistic and interesting. Emotional and courageous scenes are equally expressed in this play and that made the audience to inspire.
The character of Shakuntala was a great inspiration to the audience. Her sense of response to her friends and parents in this play reached the audience. Her love and affection to her father was beautifully expressed. The great accident which she faced in her life was the loss of her ring. Even though she had lost her ring, she had the confidence and courage to overcome it. The fisherman in this play was the helping God in her life. If the fisherman had not seen the ring or had not given it to the King, her life would have become terrific because of her curse. She survived in her life because of the help of the fisherman. But the fisherman had not expected anything from the King or Shakuntala. He did not know that his help would lead to the reuniation of a couple. His helping tendency without any expectations was the beautiful message delivered in this play. So this play had expressed a divine message of helping tendency. A small fault can change one’s entire life, so one should be careful in every aspects of life. This play reached the audience strongly and received a great support. This play became one of the favourites among the audience.


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