Recipes for Opening Day 15

Recipes for Opening Day 15

Recipes for Opening Day 15.11.2018
Seared tuna tataki on croutonChicken Tikka on coriander parfait
Greek Yoghurt 2kg
Coriander Fresh 2 bunches
Mint Fresh
Quail Scotch eggs hot
Sausage meat
Quail eggs
Quail Ballottine lollipops. (The one that we do for our meat class) Jus + toasted hazelnut hot
Jumbo Quail 1 whole bones attached (We shall debone)
Chicken Maryland (large) 2 Legs/student
Baby Spinach 30g
Hazelnut 6 pieces
Parsley 1/3 bunch
Proscuitto 3slices
Jus 50ml
Oyster shuckin’ station! (shuck to order) condiments on side? Cold
KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – toasted almond -gochujang sauce
Chicken wings-Steamed
Gochujang Sauce
Toasted silver almond
Sesame seed
Softshell crab slider with cucumber, sriracha sauce on squid ink bun
Ice-cream pops covered in chocolate ; dehydrated raspberries
Flourless choclate cake


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