Recently we were chosen to partner with Arnzen Construction for the move and remodel of Minnesota Truck Headquarters in St

Recently we were chosen to partner with Arnzen Construction for the move and remodel of Minnesota Truck Headquarters in St

Recently we were chosen to partner with Arnzen Construction for the move and remodel of Minnesota Truck Headquarters in St. Cloud, MN! This custom commercial project was started in April 2017, with work finishing in August. The Colorful Concepts team was on-site for about 16 weeks.

Our very own Operations Manager Chris Jensen provided expertise on this project, along with President Lynn-Briggette Boerger. With their knowledge and work ethic, the Minnesota Truck Headquarters project went extremely smoothly. Let’s see what happened.
Minnesota Truck Headquarters, St. Cloud, MN
Minnesota Truck Headquarters opened in 2004 as a trailer sales dealership. After a number of years selling used vehicles, they became known as the place to go for custom trucks in 2013. With two locations – one in St. Joseph and another in South St. Cloud, the decision was made to bring both locations under one roof.

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The new location at 1805 Hwy 23 E., St. Cloud, opened in August 2017 with the help of Colorful Concepts. The new building holds 300 trucks, has 17 service bays, a showroom, an arcade and gaming area along with a “toy box” floor where Mustangs, Corvettes and other cool non-truck vehicles are displayed.

Minnesota Truck Headquarters ships vehicles free to all 48 continental states.
Paint and primer was purchased from Sherwin-Williams for this project and customized to Minnesota Truck Headquarters’ specifications. We also used our own JLG 60-foot lift to reach exterior heights and our SkyJack to reach interior ceilings.

For paint from Sherwin-Williams, we utilized:
ProMar 200 on interior drywall;
Pro Industrial Acrylic Dryfall on the showroom ceiling;
Pro Industrial High Performance Acrylic on all interior wood walls in the showroom and on the furniture;
Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy in the service bays, detail bays, game room and “toy room”;
Pro Industrial Multi Surface Acrylic on the exterior flashing, fascia, soffit and doors; and,
Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex on the exterior block and steel siding.
For this four month long project, a fairly large team was used. Clocking in at 22 employees led by Senior Field Applicator Duane Colgrove, the team had a large interior and exterior project on their hands. Other team leaders include:
Pat Klein, who lead the prefinishing job from our shop, where they prefinished all of the millwork; and,
Jeff Kerfeld, another field applicator who helped lead the project.

Duane ended up putting more than 390 hours into the project, while Jeff put in more than 260 hours!

Due to the scope changes and the condition of the existing substrates, we worked closely with Eric Heesen at Sherwin Williams to ensure we were using the best products for the conditions.
When we originally took on the project, the client wanted only certain areas painted. As the project continued, Minnesota Truck Headquarters asked for the entire interior and exterior to be painted – even the back of house – to make everything look brand new. Even with adding more work, the owner wanted to keep the same opening date, so we had to add new staff to keep our target date.

Another oddity is that Minnesota Truck Headquarters wants us to continue to maintain the paint job we’ve done – it’s not often a company will ask that, but they really want everything to look brand new at all times. We’ve put them on a quarterly maintenance plan to make sure they’re completely happy with the results.
Why Arnzen Construction Chose Colorful Concepts Painting
Arnzen Construction knows Colorful Concepts Painting & Custom Finishing as a highly reliable painting partner who can meet schedules and the demands of large projects, and even take on additional work to help alleviate scheduling changes, as seen at Minnesota Truck Headquarters.


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