tend to take on one

tend to take on one

Client’s with DID henceforth, tend to take on one or more different identities that live within the individual.

Every single identity is unique in its on way. The DSM-IV has four catergories a person with DID must fall into in order to be diagnosed with the disorder. There must be two or more personalities present. These identities must invade the individual’s personality frequently.

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The person must exhibit some type of forgetfulness of their personal information. Finally, these conditions cannot be caused by physical injury or drug misuse (Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2001). Those who suffer of DID have more or less 15 indentities and most of them tend to be women. DID usually begins at childhood and new personalities accumulate over time. Individuals suffering tend to experience other disorders such as depression, drug misuse, borderline personality and others (Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2001).The psychoanalytic psychologist have observed that 97-98% of clients that experience DID also suffered from some kind of immense trauma like child abuse before the age of five (Reis, 1993). They also observed that the abuse is usually repetitive and severe in order for the person to disassociate themselves from reality and create an alternative world.

In the alternative world they will place the trauma that is happening to them, while in the real world they will continue to live and sometimes perform to the best of their abilities. Reis states in his paper that these trauma are taking place during crucial periods of child development. An example of this is one of his patients was abused by her father even before she could adequately function with words. Reis believes the higher cognitive process are not yet developed a

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