Diversity being the most serious are feeding

Diversity being the most serious are feeding

Diversity “Providing Culture-Sensitive Healthcare to Hispanic/Latino Patients” A Hispanic patient with a high fever may resist cold compress because their theory of “hot” and “cold” imbalance. They use hot things to cure cold and cold thing to cure the body being “hot”. For instance within the American medical field we use heat foe hot. If you’re running a fever things that makes you sweat it out are better. So the difficulties that the Hispanic patient will bring is simply not following the physician’s orders and not willing to cooperate with the medicine distributed and prescribed.

Susto (soul loss) is basically the Hispanic’s version of someone who is ignores their medical problems and risks. They are so stressed and worried that they just lose all faith and hope. They no longer believe there is an upside to their condition and that it can’t and won’t get any better.

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This Hispanic disease can lead to a number of other complications and risks as well. To “show personalismo” means to connect with your patient on a more personal yet still professional level. Make the m fell as comfortable as possible with you and that they can confide in you and come to you for anything.

Being very concerned and caring. Show your patient that you are more than just there more than to just give test results and such. Three health risks I would consider being the most serious are feeding solid foods to a baby to soon, alcohol abuse with younger Hispanics, mainly males, and high incidence of tuberculosis. Feeding babies solids well before the time to will increase obesity with that child and the risk of choking and the baby’s body not being able to break down the sold foods like it does with baby food.Alcohol abuse starting with the youth can cause several health problems like a domino effect, one thing leading to another. And for tuberculosis it kills 50% of the people diagnosed with it yearly.

I believe illness consist of genetics, diet, and environmental. If a certain disease runs in your family then you’re at high risk to have that same disease. If you are somewhere there’s a gas leak or chemical waste that can cause you to become ill. In the Hispanic opinion they believe it to be luck if you’re in good health and being balanced. Being negative or doing something negative brings you the punishment of illness.

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