There made because it isjust like that. Our

There made because it isjust like that. Our

There are many kinds of censorship within our school system. Such as pressCensorship, we aren’t aloud to express freely among our schools newspaper noryearbook. I believe that we should be able to write anything that the studentwants to see on the newspaper. Equivalent to the yearbook, students should beable to have the right tosay whatever they want for a SENIOR quote. Freedom ofthe press ensures Americans great freedom of choice in what they can read andsee.

This should also apply to our community public schools, we should be giventhe right inside school just as much as outside. Its like a fellow classmatesaid today in class, “Its like we are not in America anymore when we steponto school grounds.” I believe in this point that he made because it isjust like that. Our freedoms are limited in a way to where we can barely expressourselves within the school newspapers and yearbook.

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One type of publicationthat has never been given First Amendment protection is obscenity. This is onething that I can agree with; certain things are absolutely immoral andinappropriate, such as pornography and foul language to an extent. However, therules and regulations of our schools newspaper and yearbook need to be a littlemore just, to fit our rights of press. I would like our school to be among thefirst to allow the students almost every right to print whatever they would liketo write about. But, not every freedom is absolute..

.. If they were, our schoolsystem would be in total chaos.

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