Two ahead of the people. Obviously Al Gore

Two ahead of the people. Obviously Al Gore

Two months away until Election Day, and the polls seem to rise and fall with every news cycle.

This election has become a state-by-state election instead of a national race. With a total of 270 electoral votes to win Bush 209 Gore had taken the lead in many national and statewide polls. The democratic presidential nominee promises tighter laws protecting the privacy of medical records. Gore said, It is wrong for the insurance companies and drug companies to sell your medical information, putting the profits ahead of the people. Obviously Al Gore is stressing his concern on medical privacy. Which please many senior citizens in Florida who are also concerned about the cost of prescription drugs and medical privacy.

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The Democratic nominee has also been taking charge at Bushs policies saying that Bush has not yet offered a plan to give a prescription drug benefit to seniors.On the other hand George Bush is stressing his message on tax cuts. He said his across the board tax cuts would help everyone, including the working poor. Gore is arguing saying most of the tax revenue cuts underBushs plan would go to the wealthy.

Bush is denying this by saying he doesntbelieve in targeted tax cuts, and that all Americans deserve tax relief. He planes to help people with this tax cut by reducing the top federal income tax rate from 40 to 33 percent and the bottom rate to 10 instead of a regular 15 percent.Bibliography:

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