Title: Barbara Pierce Bush, and Gorge Herbert Walker

Title: Barbara Pierce Bush, and Gorge Herbert Walker

Title: President George W. BushAuthor: Beatrice GormleySetting: Time: July 6, 1946Place: New Haven, ConnecticutCharacter: George Bush was born, July 6, 1946.

He was born first child of Barbara Pierce Bush, and Gorge Herbert Walker Bush. As a child of a father who was the forty first president and a famous baseball player, and a WWII Navy fighter pilot hero, t was a lot for him to try to live up to that reputation.As a child he had no intrest in politics. He was a typical boy who just liked to ride his bike and race with his friends, and have sleepovers. His favorite thing he liked to do was hang by his knees by the struts beneath the highschool football stadium.

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He was very loving as a child because when his little sister died of leukemia, in his best way he tried to comfort his parents instead of playing with his friends, he spent the afternoon with his mother and father. He loved sports, and he always led the pack, so he was a leader. He was a wise guy because he was always quick with a smart remark.

One time he entertained his fourth grade classmates by drawing an ink mustache, goatee, and sideburns, on himself.Plot:This book is about President George W. Bush, from childhood all the way up to when he hit presidency. When George was in politics they nicknamed him Georgie. Georgie had no interest in politics growing up. He attended Sam Houston Elementary School.

He was an average student.Goergie’s grandfather, (Prescott Bush) was on the U.S.

Senate. Since the time Georgie was born his family expected that he would follow his father’s footsteps, from Andover, to Yale and that is what he did. The beginning of his first year at Andover, he received a big fat zero, and was worried about disgracing his family. Although he wasn’t very good academically he was good at sports.

His nickname was lip because he had witty remarks. Although he couldn’t be the most brilliant student on campus or an outstanding athlete like his father, he was known as one of the friendliest and most enthusiastic boys at school.Georgie had younger brothers, but it was felt that Georgie being the eldest son, could be a real asset to his father during his campaign in 1962. It wasn’t until this time that he started to be interested in politics.

He was in the Texas Air International Guard, and was accepted for pilot training and was made Second Lieutenant. In December 1969 he received his National Guard Wings. In 1972 George W. had an interest in running in politics, but his father told him to campaign, for experience. George later met his wife Laura Welch, through a friend. They later married and had twin daughters named, Jenna, and Barbara.

George W. Bush now known as, our forty third president. He told the audience in the hall, and all the americans watching TV, around him after he won the election ” The presidency is more than an honor.” ” It is more than an office” “It is a charge to keep, and I will give it my all.”Favorite Episode: I thought it was really funny to find out President Bush used to race is bike and hang from the stadiums at the highschool, hanging by his knees George W. Bush a.

k.a. Georgie (as a child) was just like any other kid that I know. It was also funny when he marked u his face with marker, to make a mustache, sideburns, and goatee. He was an average student also getting zeros. Even though as a child not knowing what he wanted to do in his future, he always pressed to make his parents proud of him.

Recommendation/Evaluation:I enjoyed the book because it was nice to learn about the president and his struggles that he went to, to get to where he is today. I would recommend this book to ages 12 to an adult. I would recommend this book to this age group because I think that by age twelve you realize how important knowing, who your president is and who’s running your country.

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