Shantel watch list1. a warning 2. doesn’t

Shantel watch list1. a warning 2. doesn’t

Shantel Mayberry7th periodCurrent Event Outline I. What is NCLB?A. New education law made to1.

improve academic levels of minorities and all students2. improve teacher qualificationII.Purpose of NCLB (according to the educational institute of South Dakota)A.Ensure that all children have1.

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Fair 2.equal 3.Significant opportunity to a high quality education.

B. Meet educational needs of low achieving childrenC. Close the achievement gap between high and low scoring childrenD. Hold schools and local educational agencies accountable for improving the academic achievement of all students.E. Provide children an enriched and accelerated educational program F. Affording parents substantial and meaningful ways to participate in their children’s education.

III. Provisions of the Bill ( according to Mary lord from u.s. news and world report; feburaury,4,2002)A. Testing1. State must create and give annual standard reading test in grades 3rd -8th starting in 2005 -2006.

2. Reports will be given to educators and parents to see how kids and schools are doing.B. Accountability1.

Scores must show annual improvement and all students are to reach proficiency in 12 years.2. Schools that are behind will receive $1,000 per child, if don’t improve after 3 years. Child can transfer to another school.C. Reading1. Will triple federal funding for reading programs, they only can be spend it on proven programs.

2. Require annual reading test for academic reasonsD. Teacher quality ( according to educational institute of Iowa)1.

must put a highly qualified teacher in every class by 20052. reduce class size if not assigned a high quality teacherIV. Affects this has on Dubuque (according to Des Moines AP) A.City wide watch list1. a warning 2.

doesn’t mean schools are failing3. fail to meet state requirements4. testing procedures are not fundedB. Schools on area watch list 1. Senior high school2.

Hempstead high school3. Central4. Washington junior high5. Jefferson junior high6. Fulton elementary7. Table mound elementary8.

Prescott elementaryC. Also All students in the state are to be or above proficient level by 2014.D. Most schools were on list because they failed to test at least 95% of their students.E. Academic levels should score at an average of 95% per school(No child left behind Cartoons) thanks to Jerry KingV.

My opinionsA. area schools are in need but not as much B. don’t agree with the testing procedures 1. may lead to going to school longer2. may case many students to drop outC.

this might get students to take education more seriouslyVI. ConclusionA. So as you can see No Child Left Behind 1. can benefit students2. help educational levels3.

higher reading levelsB. But can also 1. cause shock to students 2.

make learning at a faster rate harder3. cause students to drop out

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