Nineteen different computer schools all over the

Nineteen different computer schools all over the

Nineteen EightyFour as one of Mr.Orwell best books, it has its own style — freedom. It was a fiction novel since Mr.

Orwell wrote it before 1984. Many strange things make people confuse, such as: Hate Week, Hate two minutes, Telescreens, BIGBROTHER IS WATCHING YOU..

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. One of the most important word in the novel so far is telescreen, not only because it is a strange word, but this is the machine could compare to our super machine–computer, it is also the symbol of the bad luck to Winston and it could compare to the news in our society in 1999.Firstly, the telescreens work can be linked to the computer of today’s society. Computers are controlling more and more range of our lives. The number of computer user is rapidly increasing. There are different computer schools all over the world.

With the increasing amount of electronic business and the accelerated expansion of the Internet in recent years (even months), the amount of personal information tracking, storage, and dissemination that is occurring is also quickly getting out of hand. Now, for those who know how to look for it, almost too much information has become available to computer users. Governmental desire for control of the paper less domain may eventually become a threat to society as it tries to monitor users of the Internet and others who do not even currently own a computer…

Therefore, computer controls everyone which is exactly the same thing as telescreen does–spy.Secondly, it is the symbol of the bad luck to Winston. Every time he looks at the telescreen, in the deep of his heart feel the scare, no freedom. One night Winston dreams about, his mother and sister, who had starved to death in the war, because he had been so greedy. Then he dreams of having sex with a girl he has seen in the Records Department, during the Two Minute Hate. Early in the morning Winston is waken up by the harsh voice from the telescreen, after such a bad dream night, the first thing he sees is the telescreen, again it proves the telescreen is the symbol of the bad luck. Finally, telescreen could compare to the news in our society.

Telescreens are the major form of media communication in Oceania, and they desiminated ‘news’ to the populace. However, as with all real dictatorships, this news was almost all false. Despite this, it was believed by the vast majority of the population simply because of where the information comes from. One of the reason Winston does not like his wife is because his wife believes everything from the party although Winston thinks the party is not telling the truth.

Check the news in our society. How many of them are telling the truth. The head of the cheater: Newspaper, today they can … is good, tomorrow they will say he is evil..

.Just like 1948 most people believe them, and obey them.In conclusion, telescreen is the most important word in the novel so far because of the comparison of the telescreen and the computer, the news from the telescreen and the news from the newspaper, and the bad luck for Winston. Today, when people sit in front of the television. They can not image it is used to control people fifty years ago.

They do not know something is controlling them instead of the television right now and they will not know what is going to control them after fifty years.English Essays

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