Night, as more fit to work. The prisonersactually

Night, as more fit to work. The prisonersactually

Night, by Elie Wiesel is an autobiography including the main characters Elie,his family, and all the victims of the holocaust. The main idea of this book is toget people to realize the pain and suffering of the Jewish people during theHolocaust. Because of cruel incidents, peoples emotions go numb.

They hadno lives. The Jewish prisoners went to any length to stay alive; lying, killing,and even betraying family. Jewish prisoners knew nothing about how tosurvive the deadly camp of Auschwitz. Most Jewish prisoners were throwninto ditches to burn if not the right age or if they looked too weak to work.Elie and his father lied about their ages to pass the first selection. By lyingabout their ages, they were viewed as more fit to work. The prisonersactually came to realize Work is liberty at Auschwitz.

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Lying becamecommon among the Jews to pass selections. Rations of food were scarce,thus killing for crumbs were occurrences that happened daily. For instance, ason fought his father for bread. Meir. Meir, my boy! Dont you recognizeme? Im your father.

.. youre hurting me…youre killing your father! Ive gotsome bread.

..for you too.

..for you too..

.. This shows how the Holocaustmade people genocidal.

Feelings left their souls on the first day at camp, forwhen someone died no one cared. Family betraying family took place duringmarches to new camps. A boy and his father had to run as fast as they couldfor as long as possible until the S.

S. soldiers said they could stop. The penaltywould be death if a prisoner decided to slow down.

A boy realized his fatherwas weak and starting to slow down with him and instead of slowing downwith him, the boy decided to run faster and leave his father for dead, for hisown protection. Could you even imagine what the Holocaust would be like intodays world? After thinking about actions that took place during this timeperiod, could there be another Holocaust? No one really knows what couldhappen. Arent their events that take place in racism crimes today around theworld that makes us think there could be a Holocaust two? Lets hope thatour society doesnt corrupt bad enough for it to happen again but, only timeBibliography:

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