The Jewish community with regards to the

The Jewish community with regards to the

The Medieval Holocaust was a terrible event for many people in communities of that time period.

This was the greatest epidemic that ever happened. People could not figure out what caused the Plague. They started to look for someone to blame. They finally looked at the Jews and blamed them for poisoning the water. This led to devastating effects on the Jewish community with regards to the family and social status.This was the greatest epidemic of all time. The Plague was felt all around the world.

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In some lands everyone died not a soul was left. Ships were found full of cargo and he crew all dead. The ship was just drifting with no one to guide it. In other kingdoms and cities so many people died it was terrible to describe. The Pope at Avignon stopped all his duties, locked himself in his room, allowed no one to see him and had a fire burning at all times. Only wise teachers and physicians could come up with it was gods would for this to happen.

Since the Plague was in one place it was in another, and lasted more than a year. The epidemic also came to Strasbourg in the summer, and it is said that about sixteen thousand people died.May have panicked and needed to blame someone. Since the Jews throughout the world were all ready disliked, they accused them of having caused the Plague by putting poison in the water and in the wells. So having been disliked many people blamed the Jews because they needed to point the finger at somebody, because of this the Jews were forced to confess to the poisoning.

Nevertheless the Jews were burnt all the way from the Mediterranean into Germany, but not in Avignon because the Pope protected them there. The burning happened on a Saturday, which was St. Valentines Day. The Jews were burned on a wooden platform in their cemetery.

Those who wanted to baptize themselves were spared. Its been said that about one thousand of them accepted the baptism. The council took the cash that the Jews had and split it up between the workingmen. The thing was if any Jew did not have one cent on him or if the feudal lords had not been in debt to them, they didnt get burnt. In some towns the Jews did not get a fair trial or didnt get any trial at all.The Jews went through a very rough life through this era and I think that it would have been better if people took the time to see what the problem really was since this was not thought out properly The Jews were falsely accused of causing something they did not do.Bibliography:

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