In of book 2 Ned comes back

In of book 2 Ned comes back

In book 1 it started out by the Secesh and the Yankees having a big war. Then Tracey met this Yankee named Brown and he helped free the slaves. Then Brown gave Tracey the nickname Jane. The slave owner freed Tracey (Jane) and all the other slaves.

Once the Proclamation papers were signed the slaves headed up toward Ohio. On the way up to Ohio, the slaves ran into the Secesh and there was a big Massacre. The Secesh killed everyone except Jane and a little boy named Ned who was Big Lauras son.In book 2 Ned moves to New Orleans and Jane is really sad because that is all that she had.

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The Jane marries a man named Joe Pittman and that is how she got her name Jane Pittman. Later on Joe dies because a horse killed him while he was trying to put the horse in a corall. At the end of book 2 Ned comes back and is killed by a man named Robert Cleavu. Ned was shot two times.

In book 3 Jane moves to a plantation called the Samson Plantation. Then she meets two people, Timmy and Tee-bob. Then Jane discovers religion. Tee-bob likes this girl Mary Agnes but then he marries this white lady and kills himself because he doesnt want to marry her.Miss Jane Pittman moves to the Quarters, and spends a lot of time at her friends house. Her friends name is Lena.

Robert Janes friend rapes the teacher Mary when he was drunk. After this Miss Jane Pittman moves and is able to have a normal life. Bibliography:

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