In flag of flame flying on the mountain

In flag of flame flying on the mountain

In most books, the authors use symbolism to expand the novel beyond its literal meaning. Symbolism is used to represent or foreshadow the theme of the story. As one reads William Golding’s classic novel, Lord of the Flies, he will begin to recognize the way basic civilization is slowly stripped away from the boys.

In this novel, the author utilizes many elements of symbolism to help accomplish his message, which is man is basically evil. In Lord of the Flies, Golding uses signal fire not only to rescue the characters from corruption and evil, but also to symbolize common sense. The boys, who are stranded on an island, create fire, attempting to contact boats out on the sea. They use the fire to signal to the boats that are out on the ocean for assistance.

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In the beginning, the boys are eager to leave the uninhabited island, so they try their best to make the signal fire. Also, the author reveals that the boys desire to depart from the island because they are afraid that they will turn into savages; the boys fear that savagery will cause them to kill other innocent people. Life became a race with the fire and the boys scattered through the upper forest. To keep clean flag of flame flying on the mountain was the immediate end and no one looked further.

Even the smallest boys, unless fruit claimed them, brought little pieces of wood and threw them in. (129) As time progresses, savagery becomes more evident in the boys’ behavior. When Jack steals Piggy’s specs, the only hope of lighting the fire is destroyed: the specs are the only way to start the fire. Thus, the boys cannot be rescued from the island. We cannot keep one fire going. And they don’t care.

And what is more, I don’t sometimes. (139) With the loss of the fire, common sense is also lost and savagery prevails.In attempting to rescue themselves from savagery, the boys also face a dilemma of saving themselves from the beast. Because they have heard dreadful stories about the beast, the boys are intimidated by it. However, they do not realize that the beast is the evil that resides within themselves.

The boys are, all aware that such a beast exists, but none of them realize, except Simon, that it lies within them. The beast also symbolizes savagery. A beast represents a wild, cruel animal, and humans are also beasts since they have an innate animal instinct within themselves.

In the story, the author mentions how the beast is a hunter and people cannot kill it. (126) The beast apparently cannot be eradicated because it is the id part of human beings. Also because Simon represents the conscience of human beings, he reminds the boys that the beast is only us, (89)The conch, being a symbol of high hand and authority, is used to call meetings and to set laws throughout the island. People need civilization. They require laws and rules within their lives; the restrictions bring structure and order to an otherwise chaotic lifestyle. Without laws, civilization ceases to exist because then, humans return to a primitive state of savagery. The conch is the only connection that the boys have with the real world of rules.

Otherwise, they would be running around uncontrolled. However, the conch ensures that there is some sort of moderation in the boys’ lives. The island is savage wilderness where civilization is nowhere to be seen.

Thus, the boys require some sort of reminder, a check that will keep them at bay. But when the destruction of the conch is made the authority on the island is gone and Ralph is left to fend for himself. In Lord of the Flies, Golding utilizes many elements of symbolism to attain his message, which is “man is basically evil.” This is recognized by first showing how the signal fires represents the rescue from corruption and how the signal fire is slowly extinguished. Furthermore, the beast represents the beast within the children. The beast that will bring out the savagery in the children.

Finally, the conch is symbolizes the way civilization is the law and rule that will dominate throughout the island, but when the conch is destroyed so is civilization therefore bring out the savagery. In life savagery is something that one cannot hide. Savagery is a scary thing that can cause destruction to one another, or even to oneself. English Essays

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