Long ago in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia

Long ago in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia

Long ago in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, the first Wheel was developed. In those days people used to mould ceramic ware to give them their desired shape. It was always time-consuming and the end product was not that great. After the wheel was developed, it was used in Potter’s wheel which was just a device which shaped the ceramic. It produced well-shaped end products for just a fraction of the time. The main purpose of that “technology” was to make people’s lives better and easier.
Fast forward a few thousand years and the first computer was invented in 1946. It was the biggest technological advancement to date. It promised calculations at an efficiency that was impossible to conceive. For a time it felt like things could not get better and some people even called it the ‘Golden age’. They felt that a steam powered engine with cable telephone calls was the most advance people could ever get. Concepts such as wireless communication was declared as fiction and dreams however some people did not stop and nowadays we have technology that is breathtaking if we think about it.
The first handheld mobile phone was made in 1973. The screen was so under-developed and so unexploited that it had less than 100 pixels per inch. For an example a 2017 flagship phone has about 600 pixels per inch. People at that time could not afford to even thinks about advancements such as Bluetooth and wireless charging. Internet was just an affordability of the rich in those days compared to today where Internet is a must in almost every home.
The advancements in the field of computer today are absolutely astonishing compared to the old days. The computers of that time could take up an entire room and could take even minutes just to even boot up. Even then they made mistakes and were not always reliable. Today we have computers which we are able to even put in our backpacks and take with us on the go.


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