When hadn’t even received their checks. These were

When hadn’t even received their checks. These were

When you think about a leader you think of someone who possesses a number qualities. You would like to think that they are enthusiastic, have good judgment, are intelligent, a good people person, and a great speaker. You can go on and on naming what you think are good qualities. In this weeks discussion several types of leadership were brought up. The charismatic leader was the most appealing.

The film we watched in class brought up three qualities that I feel are very important: passion, composure, and consistency. These qualities are characteristic of a charismatic leader. The managers we watched are all very respected. They have a “fire” inside them that makes others around them want to achieve.

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They are very outspoken and fight for what they believe. You don’t expect any more or any less from them. The energy, strong conviction, and self-confidence of a charismatic leader can make the difference in a company or for a team. Without passion the leader won’t be willing to go that extra mile or push others to perform at their greatest level.Over the past few years I have been involved with an NIFL (National Indoor Football league) team. Many points touched on during class are characteristic of the leaders of this organization. During the teams’ first season they were part of the IPFL(Indoor Professional Football League).

There were many problems from the beginning. The ownership was extremely shaky. They were a family that happened to have the money to buy the team but, didn’t have the skills to run the team. Because of their selfishness they didn’t hire someone with the qualifications to lead the team. Instead the job of general manager was held by the son of the owners. The owners didn’t care about the players or coaches.

Three hours before the season opener I found myself, along with the head coach and a number of players, painting the old turf. The players’ names had not been sewn on the jerseys and they didn’t have their shoes yet. A number of players hadn’t even received their checks.

These were just a few of the problems. As you can imagine this troubled the players and the coaches. The head coach did all he could to stand by his players.

He was a great leader and made numerous complaints to the ownership. Because of his loyalty to the players he was eventually fired in the middle of the season. The team captain and other top players threatened to leave the team. They were able to coerce the other players to join in their effort. To avoid this the ownership made just enough changes to avoid the strike.

The coach stayed in contact with the players and supported the team as a fan. His leadership encouraged the team not to give up and to focus on having a winning season regardless of the ownership’s’ downfalls. Throughout this whole ordeal the players began to look up to the team captain as they did the coach. The captain was able to barely lead the team to a winning season. He was a charismatic force for the team. After the season many of the players began to look to play for other teams. A couple of months before the opening of the next season the wife in the ownership family became the president of the IPFL.

This was a big shock to the team and the people in the community. The big question was how will she be able to run the league when she couldn’t run a team. How did she even get the job? The only noticeable leadership trait she possessed was her high socioeconomic background. The team was bought by a group of local businessmen, one of who was the fired coach from the previous season.

The team moved up to the NIFL. The changes in the organization are very evident. The first season under new management the team had more confidence and was able to make it to the playoffs.

The number of season ticket holders increased along with fan participation. The new ownership is involved and cares about the outcome of the team and the players’ personal lives. This drives the players to work harder and not take the leadership for granted. The job of the previous owner and now president of the IPFL is up in the air. This goes to show that the leadership can make or break an organization. You have to be able to maintain a level of respect from those under you, provide direction, and have a passion for your organization in order to be truly successful.

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