Transplantation other possibilities, such as: burn victims

Transplantation other possibilities, such as: burn victims

Transplantation of organs between animals and humans is called xenotransplantation.

Pig liver are already being used to supply some time to liver-transplant patients; and for years, pig heart valves have been used in open-heart procedures to replace damaged human valves.Cloning research may contribute to treating diseases by allowing scientists to reprogram cells. The benefits of cloning could provide spare materials.

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Liver cells, eyes cells and bone cells may one day lead researchers to create organic organs such as hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys. Embryonic stem cells can be grown to produce organs of tissues to repair or replace damaged ones. If someone was to be injured and/or was an amputee, it would be possible for new limbs to be regenerated. There are many other possibilities, such as: burn victims could receive new skin; brain cells could assist in the healing of brain damage; or spinal tissue could help a quadriplegic walk again.

If cloning is banned, this may never be a reality.One of the strongest reasons to support that cloning is beneficial to humanity is that there would be a solution to organ limitation. One of the greatest problems in medicine today is that many people need organs for various reasons, which are not available. This creates a lot of unnecessary deaths, and problems for patients. There are not enough organs to supply the need in demand. Currently in America, 2300 of the 40,000 Americans who needed a new heart in 1997 got one. That means that approximately 94% did not receive one.

This is just the heart we are talking about. Imagine the staggering number of organs that are needed in the world. For example, in the States, there are 36,00 patients waiting for an organ transplant. Also, about one third of these patients waiting will die because of the lack of available organs.

There are a great number of failures with organ donation. The failures can cause serious illness, and possible death. Therefore, cloning human organs is very beneficial to humanity. If we cloned human organs we would be eliminating a major killer to the human race and providing patients worldwide with a healthy cloned organ. If the organ was rejected, we simply make another one to suit the patient. This could be continued until there is match. There would be no waiting lists, less complications, and almost no deaths.

Cloning would help us benefit by solving organ donation problems. another great reason to clone humans is that it would cure diseases.

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