Chris this period.Johann Sebastian Bach spent his

Chris this period.Johann Sebastian Bach spent his

Chris KouffmanFebruary 11, 1997Period 7Johann Sebastian Bach was a musical composer of the late 17th and early18th centuries. He was one of the greatest composers of all time. He was bornin Eisenach, Thuringia, in 1685.

He spent his life in music and was known forhis ability in that subject.At age 15, Bach got his first job as a court musician at Weimar. Therehe became known as a great organist. In 1717, the Prince of Cothen invited Bachto become Kappelmeister in Cothen. The Duke of Weimar refused to let Bach go toCothen, however, and confined him in a gaol for a time.After Bach was released by the Duke of Weimar, Bach took up the Princeof Cothen on his offer and stayed with him in Cothen for a period of six years.It was there in Cothen that Bach became widely known for his skill as organistand his ability to compose sacred and secular music.

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His stay in Cothen stagedhis fame in his country for his music.Bach’s last job was as Cantor at St. Thomas’s school in Leipzig. Thiswas one of the most prestigious posts in Germany. There in Leipzig he spent 20years constantly battling with the school and church authorities.

However, hedid write some of the best work in his lifetime during this period.Johann Sebastian Bach spent his life devoted to his music. In thatrespect he was a genius. He was one of the greatest composers and organists inhis period of time.Category: Music and Movies

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