At afro, short stature, and big brown eyes,

At afro, short stature, and big brown eyes,

At a young age, a boy by the name of Michael Joseph Jackson becomes a mega pop star.

With his afro, short stature, and big brown eyes, Michael’s talent at singing makes crouds scream his name and the people of the world cannot get enough of him. Although he loves his talent, his career as an artist deters him from finishing grade school. Being away from his childhood friends, and on tour all the time, Michel is left without a childhood until he feels the need to regain it later on his life. After years of being on tour with the Jackson Five and now almost twenty, Michael is compelled to redeam his childhood. He becomes increacingly more interested in children, and belives he is a life like Peter Pan. Although his compassion for children is on the rise, so is his career as a solo artist. Michel releases more albums until Micheal Jackson becomes a house hold name.

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By the Early 90’s he is at the peak of his career, but things have changed physically and emotionally. Now, he is much more pale and not the small black child with an afro anymore. People have become increacingly more aware of his obsession of children and suspitious of this behavior. Although Michael looks past these things, people still reconize the pop star they have always seen in him. It wasn’t until an incident in the early 90’s that his secret broke. Micheal Jackson, the beloved pop star of the 80’s is caught for child melestation and is labeled a petifile.

Although many people boo the star, Micheal still manages to contain his integraty as a pop legend in the end and he still loves children just as he did before. On his “Neverland Ranch” Michel still envites thousands of children to play and have fun. Even in his mid-fourties Michels favorite thing to do on the ranch is climb trees. But although many people thought Michel learned his lesson the first time, more accusations of child melestation have brought him back to the court room.

Contraversy not only about his personal life, but mental stability have been brought to question. From his art of music, to his passion for children, Michel Jackson is a man of contraversy, talent, and inturege.

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