JB who wrote the document.Programmers Specifications:File #1: Item,

JB who wrote the document.Programmers Specifications:File #1: Item,

JB Vision is a company that imports various styles of frames for glasses to be sold in Brazil. They import goods from Italy, Hong Kong, China, and many other areas in the world. They make contracts with various companies around the world to receive the rights to sell their product within Brazil. As they import, the amount and the style of frame that they have are important to know as to keep track of the amount that they have in stock.Description of Existing System:At this very moment JB Vision is using a non-computerized system of data collection that involves the implementation of pens, paper, and a calculator.

When a new stock is received they begin by making sure that all the items that were ordered were received. After that they calculate the price of the stock per style and in total. A hand-written inventory report is then written by hand. The process can be described as follows:The Strengths of This System:Information written on paper cannot be lost as easily as information written on a disk.

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The Weaknesses of This System:Slow.Unreliable because of the human error (i.e. miscounting)Tables are often misread because of illegible handwritingAims of the NEW System as Set by the User:More time efficiencyInformation to be able to be read by all employeesInput Specifications:The following is a table with the different types of data as well as an example that the user has been noting in the old system.Field NameExampleItem NumberJB11234ColorDK GOLD, AT BRONZEQuantity13Price Per ItemR$ 13.00Recommended Retail PriceR$ 60.

00CategorySquare, OvalSize10, 5Country of OriginItaly, TaiwanModelOakley, PoliceOutput Specifications:The following is a table that includes the different types of calculated information that will be calculated by the program from the information found in table 2-1. The table is also in the form that is specified as the output by the user.Output NameProcess SpecificationsExampleTotal Value of Stock ItemQuantity x Price Per ItemR$ 450.00Reorder Stock?Warn if Quantity < 5Items left : 2Total Value of InventorySum of Individual ValuesR$ 25,000.00By implement computers, the company will increase their efficiency. This increase in efficiency will be possible because of the computer’s ability to organize and process information at high speeds.

The information will also be easier to read because employees will be faced with simple text based tables rather than tables covered with handwriting that could only be read by the person who wrote the document.Programmers Specifications:File #1: Item, amount in stock, and cost per item.Filename: Itmnum$.invPurpose: The purpose of this file is to store the serial numbers of the stock item, the cost per item in the stock, as well as the amount of that particular item in stock.

This information is to loaded into the program the next time it is opened.Field NameData TypeExample of DataItem Serial NumberstringJB11232Amount in stockInteger40Cost per Itemreal30.50File #2: Item specifications.

Filename: Itemspecs.invPurpose: The purpose of this file is to store miscellaneous information about each model. This information includes the country of origin, the model, the category in which the item is in, the color, and the size of the model.Field NameData TypeExample of DataCountry of OriginstringJapanModelstringOpalCategorystringOvalColorstringDKGoldSizereal13

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