Introduction This assignment is to show the public the advantages of using IT that is able to provide returns and good results to the organization

Introduction This assignment is to show the public the advantages of using IT that is able to provide returns and good results to the organization

Introduction This assignment is to show the public the advantages of using IT that is able to provide returns and good results to the organization. In todays rapidly expanding era, organizations need to be aware of IT development as an opportunity to compete for health. The use of IT in an organization is seen as a measure of the strength of an organization to compete or otherwise also known as the advantage competitive advantages. An advantage of the use of IT in business is information regarding the products, customers and markets can be updated with more effective when the management requires for analysis purposes. Orders from the customers, subsequent production shipment are the key factors to the business cycle and it can be achieved by looking the entire IT system. Improve the quality of customer service is an important differentiator for business because organizations can use Information Systems (IS) solutions to offer faster response to and higher standards of service to customers (Lay, 2017). Thumbkin House Restaurant (THR) located in Kuala Lumpur began operations a few years ago and THR serves a variety of eastern and western cuisines and drinks for their customers. THR operates seven days a week, starting the business from 9am to 11pm. Apart from the main restaurant in Kuala Lumpur which is the Head Office and has more than 20 branches around Kuala Lumpur and even in Sabah and Sarawak. THR is using Information Systems to handle the daily operations of their restaurant to provide faster response and enables the waiters to provide best service to the customers. The management has decide the current Information System can expanded to track the food items stock level so there will be no out of stock in the restaurant and will like to adopt to online service for delivery food to customers. Based on these factors, during the monthly meetings of the management has raise two proposals for expanding the current function and the advantages of the THR which is Information Systems is use to track the food items at stock level so that there will not be out of stock problems in THR. Information Systems is use to adapt online ordering to reach more customers via delivery service in THR. 1ai) Discussion of how the IS can be used to track food items stock level, by focusing on the following details which consists of input, process and output. The food and beverages sold by THR is quality materials, nutritious and fresh which consists of wet and dry goods. Wet goods usually contains in package such as spices and fast food flavoring, while the wet ingredients are vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, meat, shrimp, squid and crab. THR can use the information in the online system for detecting the level of stocks in the restaurant according to booking their customers use broadband products such as STREAMYX and UNIFI were able to cross over Malaysia. The online system is an integrated software package that is mostly used in operations such as in warehouses and elsewhere. This system is used to check the quantity, location, status and delivery inventory, and receipts online. Product delivery to customers is ensured and controlled by systems of inventory. Among the functions performed by subsystems included Sales Creation Warehousing Orders Received The information can be maintained and recorded online with an online inventory system such as Monitoring and calculate the items in the inventory The amount and types of items that are included in the inventory can be seen quickly. Furthermore, the type and quantity of goods available in the restaurant can be seen by the user through the inventory online system. Items that need to be purchased or delivered can be monitored throughout this system. When this method is used, a stock doesnt run out of stock because it can be monitored accurately and easily by the system. Purchase of goods The process of purchasing goods will be made when the stock was low and then when there are many items that are needed to be use. Information regarding the items that have been purchased is stored into the system together with the supplier information. It is designed for inventory management which can ensure the items and data regarding the item were purchased. Order Processing and Shipping In an order there is a type of item, quantity, location, and type of transport that is selected for sending an item. Inventory Supervisor will process the received orders and provide the goods may be made before the delivery process. Order status whether it was delivered, still in process or revoked is important and it should be identified. Transfer item in inventory and invoice Transfer of items in Inventory and invoice is used as a module to monitor the area of an item with complete information. Customers will receive an invoice from THR, while a copy of the invoice along with the report is saved in the system and it can be reached if needed in the future as reference and evidence. Item Adjustment Inside Inventory This adjustment is made to facilitate the calculations based on the outgoing and incoming items to reduce human error. Report Based on the item in inventory, users can achieve the reports if required. For example, reports are purchase reports, monthly summary reports, stock transaction reports and returned item reports. Interface It is a system that requires minimum training to use it. Security To ensure safety, each user has a user identity and a different password each person as a measure limiting the system among users. The limit for each user to access this system can be set via the User Limit. Accessibility With this system, an Internet connection can be accessed by the user and no longer need to be in the room to monitor inventory items. 1aii) Illustration of relevant IS input transformation-output flow diagram for function 1ai. 1bi) How IS can be used in Online ordering for food delivery service THR can use the information system in online ordering. Order by online can be done directly in the THR or indirectly where the customer is located. Acceptance of customer orders directly in the restaurant is made by using a computer. Order using a mobile phone is a common method to address customer orders that are away from restaurant. Online ordering systems allow you to cut down on this frustration, providing your costumers with the convenience of instant ordering and with the extra time for leads and sales, your ability to gain more revenue is significantly boosted (Rafi, 2016). REFERENCES Lay Linton. 2017. The Benefits of Using ICTs in Business Finance. Retrieved from https// Rafi Cahen. 2016. Five Advantages of Online Ordering. Retrieved from https// PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 Sales Creation Warehousing Orders Received Monitoring and calculate the items in the inventory Purchase of goods Order Processing and Shipping Transfer item in inventory and invoice Item Adjustment Inside Inventory Transfer the production items to the designated area Generate invoice Records of returned goods Item Adjustment Inside Inventory Customer information Process Input Report Output Y, dXiJ(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9
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