INTRODUCTION Breadwinner is the one who earn a primary source of income and supports the needs of the family

INTRODUCTION Breadwinner is the one who earn a primary source of income and supports the needs of the family

Breadwinner is the one who earn a primary source of income and supports the needs of the family. And the first, is they need to sacrifice their lives to live and also to take risks that they need to work hard rather than to go to school, because of their family. And one of the reasons why so many students who stop their studies because they need to work for the sake of their family. But in this case why they need to work, how about their parent, so the important is the parent is the one who work and to support their children for the financial needs but in this case its reverse. Second is children need to go to school for their own future and parents are the one who’s responsible to support them. Breadwinner is not easy because you will take all the responsibilities such as helping their parents, earning pocket money and having own salary. So that the breadwinners are important to go to school not only to learn and to have knowledge, also they will know the meaning of life, meaning to become an independent person and also to become a successful person. In the light of the following of the study the following conclusions, are the performance of the breadwinner, contributes their understanding as a laborer at the young age. The high level of understanding on matter that affects to a child. The different kinds of experience can help the children to pursue their knowledge. It adds the knowledge to know that all student who stop their studies are not become a useless. It aims that they person who stop their studies is having a purpose or a high value in a member of the family and also it helps to see the reality.
This study aims to provide answer to the following research questions:
1. What are the reason why you stop your study?
2. What are the lessons that you get as of being breadwinners?
3. How do breadwinners can affect your life?
4. What are your perspective in life 3years from now?

They need to attend education to build up their concept and make learning effectively. Effective instruction is essential to a bread winner to learn. It also helps to build a structuring knowledge in the situations and understand things. Breadwinners are the state shall give priority to research development, and the utilization to educate and also to support indigenous people and give educational attainment. Generally, education aims to contribute to the enhancement of social life. The children are expected to learn their skills and develop desirable behaviors and attitudes are intended for them to become more mature in the situations and independent citizens in the community. It need to know the interest and abilities in every individual of the breadwinners, also the parents need to develop their full awareness of their children so that, the children will have the opportunities to pursue their own skills.

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Nowadays breadwinners are the most common happen in our country. Since financial is the most needed of the family. This particularly where they become lack of education, skills and qualifications if they want to work in a high level company.
In the UK poverty rate has it grown by 6 percent in the past decade and old live in poverty increase those churning. In and out of work more than 1.9 million will have estimated income. (Aldridge,2015). Otherwise in the UK (2011) cultural stereotype, breadwinner
Is are tending to reinforce through a variety policy and governmental frameworks not providing their family is a kind of a key characteristics of absent called “Bad Father” that can be seen in some public places.
Evidence of young fathers will suggest of a similar balancing of the gendered constructs while they will wish to be there for their children, not simply as weekend dads, they will regard breadwinner as taken for granted as the part of their emerging status and identity. (Glikman,2004)
The relationship with the mothers of their children and the maternal parents are crucial and these are likely to be newly forget. But, they have little capacity to provide their financial or material support for their children, this particularly they lack of formal education skills and also qualifications if they want to undergo into training or employment. The youthful and the independent status compounds these problems. Whatever of both caring and earning the values and aspirations, they are likely to face the significant social and structural bearers of both caring and earnings. Caring and earning will have been shared by the parents and creating a better future for their children based on cash and credit for a model of parenting. (Speak,2016)
The new laborer in southern is to trucking the dominant perception is the unemployment and the disadvantages are caused by the characteristics of the unemployment and motivation among young people themselves, in the process of the stronger of explanation for a social conclusion, that the produce of new liberal capitalist of economics that rely on the flexible of casual laborer force, that has been become sideline. That the rationale is the unemployment is the one key solution of the ills of poverty and the disadvantage is wearing a thin, and the new dynamic research will move beyond the static understanding of young people as other in and out of work, is also uncovering the fluidity and volatility of the unemployment and trajectories overtime. This kind of evidence will show that poverty has increased most rapidly among of those who churn it, in and out of temporary work and benefits receipt. This churning will not merely a features of the early employment of experiences, which the eater settle into something and more secure, but it is becoming a long term of pattern and stretching into a later life. Insecurity for the young people are rapidly becoming a way of a life. (MCDonald,2011)


The researchers will use the research phenomenology oral interviews with the aid of scheduled interview data will also help the researchers to collect the data needed for this study. This method will also explore and examine the experiences of the breadwinners.
The respondents will come from P-2 Upper Doongan Butuan City. Snowballing style for the sampling used in collecting data. There will be no definite number for the respondents. The following criteria for the respondents are become the breadwinners at the young age’
In order to gain of the respondents, assurance from the researchers for their confidently be a way of gratifying them how the researchers are thankful for their supports in the researcher’s study.
The researchers will also give ambiance to the respondents during the conduct of interview. Breadwinners will be used vernacular language during the conduct of their interview.
In choosing the participants, ethical and political aspects will be considered. Researchers will respect the respondents, differences in their moral and ethical values. Respondents confidentially will also be protected. According to slideshare. net (2012). The ethical issues are the concerns, and conflicts the arise over the proper way to conduct the research. Ethics define what is or is not. Legitimate to do on what moral research produces involve: norms or scientific community reinforce ethical behavior with an emphasis on honesty and openness.

The researchers question will be used as basis in constructing interview questions. Scheduled interview will also prepare notebooks, pens, pencils, cellphone records, will be made in order to have a permit for the researchers to conduct their study in their place. The researchers will ask help from parents and students and students or teacher in which their aim is to preserve and give important to the students or teenagers who are the breadwinners. the researchers will then do their interviews to the respondents through the use of vernacular language for them to gain the trust coming from the respondents.
To gain truthfulness the quality of being believable or worthy of trust to the participants and credibility a background checking through curriculum will be provided by the researchers. According to the research basic education (1985). Most contemporary researchers view applicability in terms of generalization and address the issue by focusing on those aspects of the inquiry that do not shift. The naturalistic researchers maintain that no true generalization is really possible; ball observations are defined by the specific contexts in which they occur.


A Research Paper
Presented to the
Faculty of the Senior High School Department
Agusan National High School
Butuan City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Subject
Practical Research 1

Rosalinda JabonitaJaneth Batoctoy
Ma. Leiafah Isaiah Echavez
Rosalinda Jabonita
Daisy Jane Tuyor

January 2018


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