InstitutionsThe writes in a period of chaos

InstitutionsThe writes in a period of chaos

InstitutionsThe main idea in this essay, I believe, is how institutions can be so complex with their chain of laws, traditions, custom ideas that provide structure and order of political life. Civilization evolves and changes, and crafted by people who would mold institutions by their own ideology or philosophical view of politics. Political theorists, who writes in a period of chaos and anarchy, and believes politics is a power game, and life is reduced to avoid a pain and seek pleasure.

Institutions are shaped by Social chaos, and philosophical perspectives, with intellectual and moral characters of institutional framework. Political institutions with their representatives are not necessarily the sense of democracy. The definition of representative is that legislators and others are elected in the public interest. Most political societies, the period includes the abundant justification of for existence of goals, ideas and objectives of the nation. The self- evident is our Declaration of Independence because it emanates from nature.

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Furthermore, the view of the framers political order depends on a person or a political society conforming to law. The book that was written by Madison, Hamilton and jay called the Federalists, using the pseudonym publius are references for the purposes of the United States. And the principals reflected social ethics of society during the founding period, and are manifested of the spiritual and the character intellectual of the framers. Framers are just like artist, using their sculptured work (The American Political System) were from raw materials, and experienced ideas from the past. the circumstances from their time. The government construed by framers reflected the social ethos of the culture and time.

The American framers political philosophy reveals their makeup and nature of their existence, and their imaginative view of politics. Then publius argued that government is necessary, and human nature needs government, it being a necessary item because; by rights human nature is flawed and it exist to preserve liberty and freedom. It also ensures truths and institutionalization and preservation. Defined by birth, wealth or privilege In-addition, federalism, checks, balances, separation of power, limited government, judicial review and the American constitutional framework itself, are insights of framers and are a product of their imagination, and makeup.

American leaders not defined by birth, wealth, or privilege. Institutions are tied to civilizations development. The American Revolution struggled between political order opposing views.

King George 111, violated principals of government from natural law. Calling for independence apart from natural rights, makes no sense, then if the king was a tyrant, he had no right to be a ruling king. But according to colonists his rule was compatible to good government. In our modern times, age, religion, culture and politics have competed for power and influence.

Although, the complexity of institutions shapes peoples lives, and the way they live, and are shaped by experiences and ideas. Institutions are viewed as impersonal very often, and they contribute allegiance identity and create an environment which people experience range of emotions, like love, happiness, friendship, and alienations to name a few. So you either live a good life or experience misery. These concepts I am discussing undergo, interpretation and re-interpretation as I have attempted to do.

Hopefully I am succeeding. As the surrounding social ethics changes, political institutions have corresponding changes also, usually results from challenges of changing circumstances that require new, or reformed institutions. The tyranny of George the 111, and his desire for American independence created efforts to reshape the political institution of the colonies.

This gave rise in these United States, and then wasnt created in a historical vacuum. Nevertheless, the rise of a nation and its founding time, or the fall of a nation its decline, typically philosophers are compelled to answer questions about order and institutions. Plato faced a break down of political order in Athens. He also emphasized the need for statesmen, who could control political institutions, because in Athens the leadership was corrupt and inept. Institutions structure changes occurs when leaders mold characters, and people change or visa-versa.

Plato said institutions dont determine personal behavior, nor does behavior determine institutions. Aristotles view of institutions defined in his politics, he emphasized that a man is a social and political animal. Families are a social institution as natural, and play a vital role in the creation of political order. After Aristotle, Aquinas believed that the state was natural and no real necessary evil.In conclusion the complexity of political institutions are numbered more than people, and the function within them are far more than the buildings that house them, having chains of laws, ideas, traditions, and customs that build structure and order for political life.

Without them life would be impossible. The product of mans struggle for justice and order, and as institutions evolve new changes to political order is acquired.Bibliography:

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