One music corporations are blind to is

One music corporations are blind to is

One of the greatest controversies in todays society is control over the internet. Many large companies design software with intents for people to purchase and use respectively. Hackers are finding ways to crack the encryption on this software and post it across the internet for any body to download and use for free. Certain people believe that this is stealing and people should be punished. My personal opinion is that it is wrong for people to display this software across the internet for everybody to obtain, but then again is it right for certain corporations to design software with intentions that it will be out dated and better technology will come out later on? One example that I can think of would be Microsoft; they design Windows operating system and many other popular software titles.

In 1998 they launched Windows 98 GUI Operating System. This system was fond to have numerous amounts of bugs and problems, enough bugs that they had to make a second edition to fix these problems. When they launched the second edition they charged people for it.

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Now all those people that bought Windows 98 now have to go out and buy Windows 98 SE. When I find out about incidents like this it makes me feel that maybe they deserve to have their software stolen and distributed feely. Another big controversy is MP3s. An MP3 is a music file which can be downloaded from the internet to your pc and then converted to CD-A format and burned on to a CD which can be played anywhere and sound just as good as a CD that you would buy from the store. The big controversy today is a program called Napster. Napster is a file sharing software that allows users to post their MP3 files and share them with anybody who has the Napster software. To me this is harmless, people are basically just sharing music and if anything this software helps artist to be more recognized.

What these major music corporations are blind to is the fact that there are thousands of websites that post artist full albums out for download at no cost at all. With Napster you only can get one song not the whole album. Ever since I have obtained Media One internet service I have not bought a music CD. Any album that I want I can find online and download for free. I can then convert the file and burn it on to a CD that will play in my car. This is where the music corporations are losing their money, not from programs like Napster.

I used to purchase a CD once a week but now I download them and pay about two dollars a CD, which is roughly the cost for a blank CD-R. It will take me about thirty minutes to download the CD and then another twenty to convert and burn. There have even been incidences where I have obtained albums before they are released to the stores.

I feel that the music corporations need to focus on these websites and shut them down. If there were consequences for people downloading these files it might also help but until that day I will continue to obtain my music CDs this way, why pay for something that you can get for free?Bibliography:

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