In the article “Microchip Implants

In the article “Microchip Implants

In the article “Microchip Implants,” Gray (2017) discussed the evolution of microprocessors implant underneath human skin and the possible outcomes of it. Many people believe that such process would be a step forward to a more advanced and alleviated world since people will become walking smart cards. However, this trend is spreading slowly among people making it something common to access homes, work places, and even pay for things using the back of their hand. While it is true that such technology will lead to a highly developed universe, one could argue that such action would have disadvantages including development of health issues and intrusion of human privacy.

Firstly, this article gave more attention to the RFID implant’s advantages leaving less focus on what threats it might have on people’s privacy. According to the article, companies are encouraging this microprocessor implant on their employees to keep track of them, allow access to work area and buy food in canteens. However, such encouragements lead to intrusion of privacy since they will be capable of tracking employees even when off duty. All private information will be synced into this chip making it easy for a person to get robbed by just getting his hand scanned by force. It is also vulnerable to malware (a hacking/virus software) that is capable of invading any private information and mis-using it in many ways desired.
The author barely mentioned what this trend might develop regarding human’s health well-being. Implantable technology is controlled from the outside of the body through electromagnetic radiation. Radiation has many effects when placed underneath the skin including weakening and breaking up of DNA and damaging cells enough to either kill them or turn them into becoming cancerous. Burning sensation or discomfort may be felt when scanning the chip frequently. Furthermore, such technology has not been examined on a wide field for a good period of time to notice any effects on the long-run. These effects will not show until a long while and it would be too difficult to cure any since the majority would have the implant underneath their skin if this trend went on.
In conclusion, implantable technology may lead to a highly developed universe but would still have major consequences regarding privacy and health. Technology should take further steps in devices that encourage well-being not inhibit it.

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