In order to maintain the validity

In order to maintain the validity

In order to maintain the validity, pre-testing was conducted on randomly selected residents The researcher was distributing 10% of the sample size of the two selected kebele residents which are 27 questions were randomly distributed. It was also checked grammar and other spelling errors using language and computer professionals. Based on the finding of the pretest clarification; especially English-Amharic translation, other content errors and editing issues were amended and edited.
3.10 Ethical Consideration
Ethical considerations are important, both data collection and presentation period. It is essential for the researcher to always keep in mind the substance and relevance of analysis in questionnaires, interview, and FGD. The researcher understands that ethical consideration is very critical to protect the respondents at all times. When the respondents agree to be involved in the study, steps were taken to ensure that they know exactly what they are supportive to. The researcher ensured that the secrecy and ambiguity of the participants were maintained through the elimination of any identified characteristics before prevalent dissemination of information. They had informed about their valuable and genuine response contributions for the achievements of the study.


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