In Chapter one of Animal Farm written by George Orwell

In Chapter one of Animal Farm written by George Orwell

In Chapter one of Animal Farm written by George Orwell, Old Major a noble and respected character gives a speech that the animals need to rebel against Mr. Jones who is the head of the farm; in order to get rid of Animalism. Throughout his speech, he uses some rhetorical devices to persuade the animals for revolution. In this essay, I am going to discuss about some of the persuasive language techniques and the effects of each.
The use of emotive language is really noticeable. For example, he says “Before I die, I feel it my duty to pass it to you such a wisdom as I have acquired.” The use of emotive language in this sentence makes the animals feel sad about his death in the future, so it makes him become a well-respected animal in the farm; therefore, it makes the animals be thankful because he is passing such a great wisdom and knowledge among them. After all it makes the animal believe in all of Old Major’s speech. The most obvious rhetorical question he uses is “What has happened to that ilk which should have been breading up, sturdy calves?” By use of rhetorical question, he wants all the animals think that why didn’t he just asked the cows, but he asked everybody in the farm. By asking this question he doesn’t wait for an answer but he wants to persuade the animals that the revolution is the best way to have freedom.
He also says “Our lives are miserable, laborious and short.” In this phrase, he uses the rule of three. The effect comes from these three adjectives, compares the lives they have and what they could have. This makes them to change their way of life and rebel against Mr. Jones. Old Major uses the word “comrades” multiple times in his speech. The reason of the repetition is that he wants the animals understand that they are all same as the treatments of the humans are harsh; he also wants to bring a friendship between animals.
Old Major also wanted to show animals that humans are ungrateful by saying “We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath on our bodies, and those of who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength.” He uses hyperbole to emphasize the situation. He uses imperative in some parts of his speech, for example “Only get rid of man.” He wants the animals to get rid of animalism which is capitalism.
As a conclusion, using the persuasive language techniques help the speech be more persuasive, logic and acceptable to the audience. Old Major persuades the animals for a rebel against Mr. Jones by using different rhetorical devices. In the next chapter, we will see that the animals revolt against the humans based on Old Major’s speech


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