In a RHBD 11T memory cell

In a RHBD 11T memory cell

In a RHBD 11T memory cell,
which is still the stored value by blocking the feedback path to
Prevent the induced transient impulse that affects the following nodes. Nevertheless,
for this RHBD 11T memory cell, due to the single-ended structure,
differential writing and reading capabilities are not enabled, which may
increase the operating time. In a DICE memory cell, it is proposed
using 12 transistors, which uses two pairs of latched latches
store the complementary values ??so that it can be an interested value
recovered to its original value using positive comments.
redesign a cell structure and use a surface insulation of the trench
technique, a RHBD 12T memory cell is proposed at the expense of
large area above the head. However, the common disadvantage of 11T, SAYS,
and 12T cells indicate that their general areas are larger. Then, we all
Previous RHBD cells are not suitable for aerospace applications
in which the RHBD memory cells with efficient area and high reliability
the properties are necessary to offer appropriate designs
reliability systems


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