Huck and Jim develop a

Huck and Jim develop a

Throughout Huck Finn, Huck and Jim develop a special relationship despite the rest of the communities’ views. Three examples of this are: how Huck doesn’t turn Jim in when his conscience says he should, how Huck frees Jim from jail, and Huck deciding he would rather go to hell than lose Jim’s friendship. When Huck tries to get some information about whether he has passed Cairo or not, he begins to think about whether or not he should turn Jim in. He decides against it because he doesn’t care about the communities’ views and he doesn’t want to lose Jim’s friendship. He might think that he is obligated to turn Jim in, but his heart shows him the way towards the light.

Huck and Jim develope this relationship when Huck frees Jim from jail. Huck will do anything possible to free Jim. He doesn’t care how long or how much work he has to put in to free him; all he cares about is setting Jim free. He even goes along with Tom’s crazy ideas.

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We see the changing of Huck and Jim’s relationship when Huck says, “All right then, I’ll go to hell.” This is when we see that Huck’s mind has been made up. He no longer cares about other peoples opinions. He now will do what he thinks is right.

He also realizes that color is not a factor in his relationship with Jim. Jim is a friend, the same as any other person, whether black or white. These three examples exemplify how Jim and Huck’s relationship grows throughout the book. How Huck doesn’t turn Jim in when his conscience says he should, Huck freeing Jim from jail, and Huck’s decision that he would rather go to hell than lose Jim’s friendship by turning him in are the three major examples of the growing relationship of Huck and Jim.Bibliography:

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