Written issued by the| | | |Education Health

Written issued by the| | | |Education Health

Written evidence record LEVEL 3 CERT SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING IN SCHOOLS Candidate name Sandra Osgood………………………………………… |Date 2/10/2011 |Links to | |UNIT:334 |P |K | |ELEMENT:1.

2 | | | |Explain how health and safety is monitored and maintained and how people in the work setting are made aware of risks and | | | |hazards and encouraged to work safely. | | | | | | |All members of staff including new staff, supply staff, students and volunteers must be made aware of the contents of the| | | |schools health and safety policy. A member of staff must be appointed to undertake specific duties relating to health and| | | |safety matters affecting the school. The policy must be reviewed regularly and revised as and when is necessary. | | |Risk assessments must be carried out on any activity that has significant associated hazards.

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A group approach to risk | | | |assessment can comprise of an individual who has had specific training in the theory of risk assessment, a teacher who | | | |has had hands on experience of the tasks being assessed and any safety representatives the school may have. Where | | | |significant risks are identified appropriate measures and safe working practices are introduced to eliminate such | | | |hazards. | | |Inspections should be undertaken of the school premises, plans, equipment and working practices on a regular basis.

Where| | | |it is necessary changes and improvements can be implemented. | | | |An annual report should be prepared for the governors detailing what risk assessments have been carried out, how many | | | |accidents have occurred , how many fire drills etc. This should show up any trend and give the opportunity to take | | | |appropriate action.The Head teacher should advise the governing body of any safety policies that need introducing.

| | | |Effective first aid provision and reporting procedures should be in place in accordance with the guidelines issued by the| | | |Education Health and Safety Officer. | | | |Health and safety and welfare procedures should be explained to children in language that they can understand. All staff | | | |must set a good example to the pupils.

| | |Pupils have a personal responsibility for their own and other’s safety in school and the school should ensure that pupils| | | |are aware by direct instruction, notices and school letters and handbooks. As appropriate to their ages all pupils | | | |should be able to take personal responsibility, observe safety rules, carry out instructions of adults in an emergency, | | | |use and not wilfully misuse, neglect or interfere with such items as fire extinguishers and fire alarms. | | | PAGE 1

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