“”How expecting to pay at least 2

“”How expecting to pay at least 2

“”How bike names are classified as quality.

Freestyle biking is the best sport in the world.I love riding my bike and I love buying new parts for my bike. I really dont want to go out and buy bike parts that everybody likes and then when I get it come to find out they suck. I buy bike parts for myself and for nobody elses pleasure.

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There are many different kinds of bikes from Atomic bike co. to we the people bike co. There are different bikes for different people, such as the we the people 4 seasons frame is mostly made for street and dirt riding but the we the people thrill seeker is made mostly for street riding.Some bikes are cheaper than others, A mongoose bike now a days is pretty cheap quality that is why you can get it so cheap but if you wanted to buy a standard co. bike you can be expecting to pay at least 2 times if not more for a standard bike co. frame.

If you ride then you would know that once you ride a standard bike then you really will probably never have to buy a new frame in your lifetime because if you go and buy a good quality frame then more than likely it will be warrantied for life. If you bought a mongoose there probably is only a 2-year warranty on the bike but if you bought a standard then you get a lifetime warranty with the frame.There is a line in the playthat says Tis but thy name that is my enemy! And I think that Juliet knows her name but really cant do anything about it, and why I choose this line for my essay is because I feel that mongoose feels the same way about there bikes. Back in the day mongoose had a bad reputation and they figured that if they could change there name then they could sell more products so they go out and buy a new bike company and make a good name for it and they try to make it descent quality for a descent price and then the start getting a good reputation but if they dont have good time selling the bike stuff then usually they are forced to sell some of there company just to keep it in business.

In the bike company there is sort of a ladder that separates the bike companies according to quality. At the bottom of the ladder is huffy and Mongoose bikes and in the middle is K2 and haro bikes and at the top is we the people and standard bike co.I think that bikes are awesome and I think that everyone should follow there dreams and if you want to be something then just dont listen to anybody and go for what you want and if you really want it then you can get it and no body can take that from you. I think that you shouldnt buy bike stuff just because of the name you should go buy the bike stuff that you like and maybe you will have good luck with the product and find out that you like the company and they ar not cheap quality. Words/ Pages : 541 / 24

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