Authors order to show the importance of

Authors order to show the importance of

Authors often use many styles and techniques in their novels. They use certain methodsin order to make their stories seem more real. John Steinbeck uses many literarytechniques in The Grapes of Wrath to help the reader better understand the story.The interchapters in The Grapes of Wrath often foreshadow the regular chapters.

They are more of a general picture as to what went on during that time period inAmerica. The regular chapters are meant to represent a specific family, the Joads, anddocument their journey to California and usually the interchapters have something to dowith the story line of the Joads adventures. The interchapters became predictable as thestory progressed, and after awhile the two different types of chapters gave the story aJohn Steinbeck uses a certain dialect throughout the whole story which makes thereader see how people talked during that time period. This also aids the reader in feelinglike they are part of the story, and it helps him to understand the way things were backthen.

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Many slang words and phrases typical of the early 1900s are used to make theconversations true to life. For instance, in the first chapter at the roadside diner, theconversation between the customer and the waitress right away tell the reader the kind ofdialect that will be used during the story.Steinbeck has a very distinctive style of writing. He uses many descriptivephrases and words to help give the reader a clear picture as to what is happening in thestory.

His use of alliteration and repetition makes the sentences and paragraphs easier tofollow because of the rhythm and flow that is added to them. Steinbeck uses symbolismin order to show the importance of some ideals and main themes of the novel. Forexample, the turtle that was walking across the road represents the long, treacherousjourneys that many families took to get to California. The dust that settled over the cropssymbolizes the harshness that fell over the many farms, therefore forcing the people offof the land. Rose of Sharons stillborn baby shows the reader that long, painful journeys,filled with many problems along the way, sometimes amount to nothing in the end.In order to understand the story and its many hidden meanings, the reader mustpick up on Steinbecks style of writing. These writing techniques of Steinbeck aid thereader in his analysis of The Grapes of Wrath.Bibliography:

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