Good day

Good day

Good day, everyone. Technology promotes our society to develop from old era to new era. For example, the ancient carriage turns into a variety of cars. Moreover, the folding fan evolve into electronic fan and it transforms into air conditioner. As we can see, technology is around us everywhere nowadays and it is essential in our lives. To know more about technology teens use, today let’s discuss types of technology, causes and impacts.
To begin with, there are lots of technology products for teenagers, for instance calculator, smartphone and computer. When students are doing mathematics exercise, they can use calculator for counting.

Furthermore, it is worth considering the reasons of teens using technology. First of all, it provides great entertainment for teens such as online shopping, mobile games and video calls. Teens can share their life photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well. In addition, It save much of time to work and communicate than writing letter. Besides, it help reduce cost in terms of money and resources to deliver letter. As a result, it makes communication easier.

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Despite the fact that technology is very convenient and useful, it is a double-edged sword. It can be harmful. First, Internet is dangerous as there are many hackers invading computers or smartphones. Additionally, someone will make some computer viruses. Secondly, Technology causes addiction easily. Especially mobile phones. Take my brother as an example. After he bought a new smartphone, he staring at the phone to play mobile games all the time. He always said that If he does not have a cell phone, he can’t breathe.

In conclusion, as long as we should use technology correctly, the drawbacks will keep away us. I hope this give you some idea of teenagers use nowadays. Thank you.


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