Furthermore, due to the high education that I have received so far here in America and specifically at Bunker Hill Community College, has helped me to properly realize my dream, of which is to become a biomedical engineer. My 3.2 G.P.A and my frequent appearance on dean’s list has increased my confidence and taught me a proper lesson that hard work pays off. Hence, I now realize what I hope to accomplish through biomedical engineering, is to forever hold the torch and further extend the knowledge of sciences into a far greater revolutions and discoveries, such is the future I have envisioned for myself. Therefore, as I have stressed before, education is an irreplaceable tool in improving the world today. Following this further, I consider myself fortunate to become well cognizant of this basic understanding. Realizing that I am still a work in progress, it is my wish to transfer to your institute. your renown quality of high education is well known by many but by few who fully comprehend its uniqueness, considering myself those few, I strongly believe that I can be a positive asset to your institute. I have thoroughly done my search for a perfect school for me and I have learned that a liberal arts college is what I prefer mostly as oppose to a large university. I believe education becomes special and even unique when the relationship between the teachers and students is close one. Far more importantly, I understand that the work load that teachers get from a rather large class affects, in turn how they teach their students. That being the case, the collaboration between your faculty and undergraduate students is very important to me. Henceforth, I seek the pride that one has from attending and obtaining education from the school that they love, and it is all the more reason why I have chosen ________college.


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