SSS to change his or her character people

SSS to change his or her character people

SSS 100April 21, 2004As the years passing by, popular culture has becomingmore effective in people’s lives. People express their culture throughtraditions in food, clothing, recreations and ceremonies; also through theeducation system and institutions of learning, including museums andlibraries. It has a great impact arts; however without the support of thephilosophers such as Durkeim Emile who stated that functionalistperspectives, is the assumption that society is a stable and orderlysystem.

We also have conflict perspective, which is when in society areengaged in continuous power struggle for control of scarce resources. Functionalist perspective basically covered the issue of orwhat people in a society have in common. People with good morals are mostof the times considered to be well functional individual and other peopleshould be bond to their style or activities; however if it happens for thatperson to change his or her character people will automatically changetheir perspective of that person. On the contrary conflict perspective, ismore likely to destroy young people’s lives.

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For example, I will takesomeone who did not grow up with wealth, so that person will be afraid ofnot getting what they want or want or need because our society is lack ofsupport. People with money will always have to invest; what about those whodo not have are they going to find a way to make it in life.Global culture is just a rapid change that is mostlycaused by technology. People can now make transactions around the world toeach other through the use of computers and satellites communications.

Itis actually a fact that the culture in the U.S is an independent system.The fact that pop culture cross natural boundaries, it caused many nationsto be multicultural societies. For example, people around the world nowknow a few English words, which in the 1970s was not possible.

Pop cultureaffected us by communicated to us what is update, how to react to certainsituation, in what perspective should we see our society. Some examples ofmaterials that people used to interact with one another are; clothes,music, symbol, or behavior. All of these things that are part in ourculture has influenced us some how, especially young people.According to a research that I have made on the internet at., it seems to me that music is one major factor in popculture. Young people are being affected negatively and positively; it alldepends on the message that the song is sending out there.

There two artistthat I think are strictly different but at the same time changed people’slives one way or another. The two artists that I will use are Bod Marleyand Eminem; both singer and rapper are very well known for theirparticipation to music. However, they were sending two different messagesand two different cultures. On what concern functionalist perspective, Bob Marley wasmuch unified with the people that he was working with. Bod Marley was bornin 1945 and died in 1981.

He was a guitarist, a Jamaican singer, and asongwriter. For his talent he was considered as one of the greatest artistof his genre. He was a maker because he was more like a functionalistperspective type of guy. He believes in togetherness. Although young kidsand teenagers do not really understand what he was saying in his songs atfirst but they were inspired by his talent.

There was one thing that wasnot right of all of the things that he was doing; He thought that takingdrugs had to do with his religious beliefs, where he was praising thespiritual effects of marijuana. As it mention in the functionalistperspectives aspect, is that once something happen to one of the importantpart in a society, the rest of it will affect as well. What am I saying?Bob Marley was often getting on stage or even before he gets to the stage.So to that matter, not only he was taking drugs in public I assumed therest of the group was also. They actually formed one body, which is whatfunctionalist perspectives is all about, so his behavior in society causedother to have improper behavior as well.

On the contrary, to the perspectives side he could have whatever he wanted it would not matter because it was a matter of making moneyor being to the top. According to conflict perspectives, Bob Marley wasbasically taking away by him, not to the fact he was poor, but his beliefswere different from what real life was presenting to him.In all of Bob Marley’s perspectives, his music was what madehim, who he was, the words in the songs. That will be what I can callTheoretical perspectives, where some type of statements his being made andfollowed by a social events that will describe something to us.

That waswhat Bob Marley was all about; he was not singing because he wanted to makehis way out in life, but the songs leads or predict some types of eventsthat was going to happen. For the simple fact they government back in hiscountry wanted dead or to put him in prison, he was mostly a rebel to hiscountry. He had to get into what we call global culture, where some otherculture is being in another country. He made his in the U.S and became onethe most popular singer.One people take Bob Marley as if he was part of everyone’sculture because of the influenced that his songs had on people. Youngpeople who are into reggae characterized Bob Marley a man who was fightingfor freedom through his music because of the fact that some of his songswere some type of messages to freedom.

He affected young people in positive way by being matching his music withblack political independence movement. Those who understand what was in hissongs will know what he was saying and expressing. He basically was sayingthat us as young people should take the life that we are living now, theculture that we have and match with the value of our society. Also not togive up on one another because that will break our society a part(functionalist perspective).Globally his music as remained very popular and formany, young and elderly, he songs are still being heard and seen as hopesfor a better life outside urban slums( a low culture.).

His conviction andclarify made everyone and our society want to fight for a change andbelieve that no matter how hard it gets, we should keep it on living or gowhere they can accept us. His impact on the young people was that cominggrowing from l low or shamed ways of living does not mean we can not changethat or put ourselves down for those matters.All of these aspects of Bod Marley’s life show us how important his(theoretical perspectives, functionalist perspectives and conflictperspectives). These perspectives is what help us young people to see oursociety and pop culture as what they are and have a better understanding ofthem. I will used on of his lyrics entitled Natural Mystic, where histalking about the suffering that people are going through and no matter howhard the pass was we have to move on now and live life.

To the point that Bob Marley made his participation topop culture as a reggae singer, we also have a rapper name Eminem who istotally different but accept a culture that is there for them. Popularculture has became so rich, and complex it is now getting everyone involvedin what they could not do or was not permitted to do years ago.Eminem is one of the most famous rapper in that exit right now, but hisinsane ways of rapping or the way he came out to be as a young man provedto us that he suffered some type of issue on his child hood that hisrelated to conflict perspectives. Although Eminem is kind of not whatpeople will expect to have in rapping, but they love him.

I believe that iswhat pop culture is all about, new things. The matter and fact is,statements that were made years ago are now executing (Theoreticalperspectives).Eminem’s attitude and also his music style is not what Ishould call positive aspects for young people.

Sometimes the messages aregood, but are mostly the way that he chooses t expressing them. As he madehis from his town Marshall Missouri, where he started to perform great rapsongs. As a young he faced many child abuse, and to expresses the hanger hehad inside he started rapping. In lot f people lives we faced time where weget beat down and being blamed for our failure. Because of his violentstyle I will suggest a young person to affect by his Eminem’s ways of life.I understand it is a matter of how the society sees us, but it is also amatter of doing things the right way.

Young people have been affected by Eminem’s lyrics becausethat is what in style, besides most of the time he is only expressing hishanger toward what he went through in life (Theoretical perspectives). Hehas a songs entitled Low, Down, Dirty, which actually everything that thelyrics is all about. He is talking about how he knew fro the day he wasborn that he was a sick kid; the life his living now prove to us he is notwhat we can call a role. Because of people like Eminem some of the youngpeople out there think they can be as bad as they want. Young people arebeing exposed to an individual who’s destroying our culture little bylittle (Functionalist perspectives). It is strange people are being sonegative they do not even know it.

It is true that Eminem made to the moneypart, what about the value of pop culture and be a role model. The factthat he kept on repeating his low down life style and not changing itmorally, he is affecting our young people (Conflict and GlobalPerspectives).It is very important to have a popular culture; however thepeople who are involving in making a change through Theoreticalperspectives, conflict perspectives and functionalist perspectives shouldfocus on making an impact on us young people positively.

There was once aphilosopher who said “Our aspirations as young people as youth is also ourpossibilities”. This mean the way that they are being exposed to popculture should be more positive.

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