We death of his youngest brother. He

We death of his youngest brother. He

We begin this tale with reading some letters of good fortune of a man, whose name eludes me right now, to his sister. He is on a journey in what appears to be somewhere in the arctic when one day him and his crew spot a giant on a dog sled.

Followed by awes of civilization they find the another man who has been in some sort of accident with his dog sled stranded on a broken sheet of ice. After some persuasion the man boards the ship and begins to tell his tale of how he ended up at his present state.The actually story of Frankenstein begins with a background of the rescued man. He is originally from Geneva were his family lives, including the love of his life his adopted sister Elizabeth.

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This man is known as Victor Frankenstein, and we follow this man through his education. This is basically an explanation of how the idea of creating the living dead arose, with him reading books of people with the same ideas and going to school to learn that they are all wrong but to end up with a clearer view of the entire scheme of things. He then starts his work, which took two to complete, with the configurations of his idea, to the examination of the dead, to the opening of the eyes of his creations. This is where I expected the line; its alive ALIVE, but no that was just in the movie.Regardless, time passes and then Victor becomes aware of the death of his youngest brother. He goes back to Geneva and finds that the murder of his brother was suspected to be done by the hands of an old family friend (servant), Justine. However, Victor knows that it was his creation that killed his brother.

After Justine was hanged, he then goes off to the glaciers, which was beautifully described, to hunt down his monster. When alas, the monster finds him. Then Victors creation spoke, how he learned how to speak well soon find out. He then tells a tale of a miserable life of survival and of judgment due to his wretched looks. The monster is tormented and all he wants is someone to be nice to him, but every time he attempts to win over the human race with acts a really good deeds, the humans violently attack him due to his appearance. So after admitting to murdering Victors brother and framing the servant girl, he proposes that if Victor makes him a wife as hideous as himself then he will go away, with her, and live as if they did not exist, together.

Victor says no at first but then he is like ok, since God did it for Adam, he believed that as a creator he had this responsibility to his creation to make him a wife.Then not really wanting to begin this work, due to moral dilemmas, Victor leaves Geneva and goes back to work in Scotland. However, he then decided no, I cant do this because two evils in the world is worse than just one, and imagine what happens if they breed. Then the monster comes in and threatens his creator for breaking his promise, and tells him on his wedding night he will be there. Victor gets scared but feels it would be selfish to appease the monster. So he goes and destroys all accounts of his works and floats aimlessly on his boat. When he finds land he also finds himself a murderer of his dear friend Henry.

Victor then realizes it was his monster, and he knew that he had to end this thing before it took him over. We end our tale with him going back to his love and wedding her, and the chapter ends right before the night, his wedding night. Will the monster come and keep his promise of revenge? Will Victor end up dying a virgin? Or will everything be happily ever after? To Be Continued

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