Frankenstein is rude and hurtful to his creation

Frankenstein is rude and hurtful to his creation

Frankenstein is rude and hurtful to his creation. He does not look after his creature, provide shelter for it, or feed his creature. Behavior like this shows that Frankenstein is a very self-centered person. When Frankenstein returns to his home he says that he searched for his creature but did not find him, “I could hardly believe that so great a good fortune could have befallen me; but when I became assured that my enemy had indeed fled, I clapped my hands for joy,”. Frankenstein refers to his creation as his enemy when it has done nothing.

Frankenstein takes no responsibility for his creation like nothing happened when he doesn’t find it in his house. A well-rounded person would not be excited but rather start looking for his creation. Frankenstein abandons his creature, essentially his child. We usually think that if a mother or father leaves their child they are a monster, but that is what Frankenstein does.

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He shows that he is inhumane again when he does not understand the reality of his monster’s pain at his rejection by other humans. Frankenstein fails to realize the good heart the monster was created with. He doesn’t appreciate the creature’s need for love and acceptance, had he have noticed these things it might have prevented the murderous rampage.

For all his efforts to create life from dead body parts, Frankenstein did not take the time to think what it was exactly that he would do when it came to life. He became focused on proving he could create life without the consequences. This assumption is not inhuman, yet his reaction to what


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