Executive Summary Introduction of company iD fresh food was incorporated by PC Musthafa in the year 2006

Executive Summary Introduction of company iD fresh food was incorporated by PC Musthafa in the year 2006

Executive Summary
Introduction of company
iD fresh food was incorporated by PC Musthafa in the year 2006. With one batter grinder and a packaging machine, the venture was started in a 550 sq.ft room. The venture was named as “iD Fresh” indicating an identity for fresh idli and Dosa batter. iD Fresh Food is known as “Fresh Foods” brand across world. The iD Fresh Food team has been determined focus on delivering fresh food every single day to grocery stores across all territories where they operate. The company Started its operations from wet idly dosa batter, currently offers a wide range of products to the customers. The company has advanced in its products by introducing some of the Indian breads like just heat verity of parota,chappathi, malabar parota, parota junior and mini parota. The items were diversified in udupi style idly-dosa batter, natural paneer and natural curd. However, the primary focus of the company remains idly dosa batter, the share of the idly dosa bater is about 55% to its total revenue, parotta contains to 30%, chapathi 7% and the rest from dairy products. This wide array of products has helped the company to compete in a market that had a variety of ready to cook items in different flavours. iD fresh products are well known for 100 percent natural without any preservatives or additives in their products. The overall products in the company are distributed as follows.

iD fresh products
Channels used
To enhance the growth of the iD fresh food business, it adopted the Omni distribution channel to available in all the major markets. The robust distribution channels include own outlets, e-commerce, whole sale and retail distribution to major super markets and hyper markets across country.

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? The primary business of the iD fresh food has been running on the daily direct distribution to the retailer shops, super markets, hyper markets and kirana stores across the city by their own truck and sales persons

? Supply directly to some of the largest Indian retailer chains namely, Reliance Fresh, Food Bazaar, Spencer’s, Nilgiris, Heritage, Total, Smart, Safal, More, MK Retail among others
? iD Fresh Foods set up 17 outlets of its Trust Shop across Bangalore. The speciality of the Trust shop is, it is working without a salesman and cashier. It has only a piggy bank of sorts, where residents can drop off the cost of the product they wish to buy. It runs solely on trust and operates 24*7.
? It available through online distribution with most of the e commerce partners such as Big basket, Amazon, India mart etc.
? It tied up with Neelagiri’s and Paytm to enhance multiple products opportunities and easy payment options for the customers

Current sales data
In addition to home location, Bangalore, iD products are also supplied to distribution centres in Cochin, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam, Mysore, Mangalore, and Pune. This expansion in the distribution benefited to the perishable product loss and growth in the revenue. The company possesses a dynamic team of 1000 members expanded its operations cross 30 cities all over India with 21000 stores. The company proposed to achieve revenue of Rs 150 crore this year and is looking forward at closing revenue of Rs 250 crore next year. The vision of the company In the next five years is to target revenue of Rs 1,000 crore with their consistent efforts.
? ID has attained a market share of close to 80% in their home location (Bangalore) with monthly sales of around Rs.2.5 crores and earnings at 18%.
? It entered markets of Chennai, Hyderabad and Mangalore in 2011 and Mumbai and UAE in 2012 generating average sales of around Rs.25 lakhs per month in these cities within a short period
? ID’s overall monthly sales are approximately Rs.8 crores.
? The major investors for iD fresh are Helion Venture Partner with 35 crores in 2014 and PremjiInvest with 170 crores in 2017.


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