Ever since my childhood

Ever since my childhood

Ever since my childhood, I have been very much interested in engineering. I was always ready to build something up from scratch and the final outcome of it used to give me a huge amount of elation. This fascination enhanced throughout my school and I ended up taking Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and joined Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. These four years of my under-graduation and my internships and working experience in Tata Consultancy Services have undoubtedly assisted me toward learning Computer Science in depth; but I and my mentors have felt that I am made for more and I can channelize my dogma in a large sector. Management Information Systems is a rapidly transpiring field. What started years ago, with tedious manual systems like Customer Databases and Catalogues, has evolved into modern concepts such as Predictive Data Mining. Expiditive augmentations in the field of Information Management have left me enthralled with MIS. Thus, I felt choosing the MIS course at your reputed institute will not only help me to carve a niche for myself but also, I can prove to be an asset to the computing industry through my future research.
In these four years of my under-graduate degree, I have thoroughly studied Data Structure & Algorithm, Computer Organization, Numerical Methods, mathematics, Formal Language & Automata Theory, Computer Architecture, Design & Analysis of Algorithm, discrete mathematics, operating systems, database management system, computer networks, software engineering, compiler design. Other than extensive research on these subjects, I have undergone various projects which have helped me immensely to learn my coursework better. One of them is- Emergency Services Android App, where I have assisted and managed the data collation and design of the App which was the final year project. Also, I have demonstrated design analysis and presentation skills. The App was elected as the best project of the year.
After completing my graduation, I have immediately joined a few internships. Those are- Marketing management internship at IIM LUCKNOW (An academic and research internship in Marketing Management, offered by professor Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow); I have also been the Super online marketer at pricegeniellc, Campus ambassador at twenty19.com, Data processing intern at Quantta Analytics Plc. And I have been the Marketing analyst at Qrius( formerl y The Indian Economist) as well. After gaining a lot of experience I was ready to join as an Assistant System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services( January 2017 – December 2017) where my role as a SAP Business Analyst was– a proxy product owner, for SAP configuration changes in TCS Finance, where I acted as the bridge between technical and financial team. I was the point of contact for requirements and analysis. As a multirole position, I had donned several hats- being a functional consultant, making SAP configuration changes and running data batches to being in support, taking up quality analysis. From (January 2018 – Present) I have been the SAP MM/SD QA Functional, where I have owned up and executed various end to end SAP data flow as a part of the functional QA Analysis before the store go-live for the client ensuring the highest level of quality adherence, managed client requirement defect list and liaised with support teams for quick resolution; assisted and brainstormed with Consultants and data support teams to come up with feasible functional solutions to client requirements and suggestions so as to create value with deliverables and gained expertise in the field of functional analysis across work stream deliverables in Retail SAP.
Apart from acquiring doctrine through my graduation coursework and projects, I have individually done a few certificate courses. Those are– short term course on advanced data structures and algorithms; Ethical Hacking and Information Security Level- 1, MOOC Camp – Entrepreneurship 101 offered online by MIT and edx and held at American Centre, Kolkata and Ardent certified “Inventory management system in java 8 “. I possess specific technological skills in Java, SQL , SAP MM/SD and I have as well been the regional finalist winner in Tycoons 2013, a Career Launcher organized talent hunt contest; secured an Olympiad Rank- 9 and state rank – 3 in the International Informatics Olympiad ’07.
I firmly believe the process of learning never stops and only by contributing to the society’s welfare, we can achieve maximum amount of cognition. I, therefore, have been an online contributor to cancer research using the mobile platform- Dreamlab app. In my college too, I was an integral part (core committee member) of the tech and cultural fests in college and also onboard the advisory committee as an alumni after passing out. I was an active volunteer and also led a team of blood donors at a state govt. hospital after a disaster in the city and for humanitarian relief furthermore.
Having worked in TCS for more than a year and having acquired in-depth knowledge of its emphasis and business applications, I feel that I am ready to accomplish in the field of MIS. To sustain with the preferment in this field and fabricate myself to meet the challenging standards of this industry, I wish to pursue a graduate program in Management Information Systems from your esteemed University. I am quite sure that being associated with the best minds and the impeccable guidance, this respected university would certainly pave path for my growth as an individual and as a professional. I definitely look forward to this enriching experience. I am also waiting for a favorable response from you and expecting for a financial assistance.


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