I understand this concept was when we

I understand this concept was when we

I plan to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering with an emphasis in technology engineering. I have been interested in this field from the time I work fixing my brothers bikes and mine and, most recently days helping my father after school. Just working with my hands is something that gets my attention and enjoy many new things. This is why I believe that computer engineering is the right career for my future. Ever since I was in seventh grade electronics has been one of my favorite subjects.

I knew I wanted to be an engineer when I completed my science fair project I have always worked on electrical currents, the flow of current from its positive charge to its negative charge. What helped me understand this concept was when we had the electricity unit my freshman year. I combined my knowledge of electricity with magnetism that same year in my science fair project: I created an electromagnet. The strength of the electromagnet depended on the amount of volts used. This project gave me the chance to go where as one of the finalists at my school.

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Another reason for my interest in career of engineering was that I also have worked in my fathers business in audio and video equipment. By understanding the function of audio and video components, I found that as time passes technology improves; there is a reduction of parts that manufactures use. They have found a more complex way to limit the parts used in such equipment by replacing them, and that is the way to cut down production price. I believe that there is a common denominator between engineering and a education.

One cannot stay behind in the field of technology, one must attempt to get out the most one can, so one can advance. It is much like school: if one does not pay attention in class, one has the possibility to fall behind. I feel that I have much more to learn about this field because as time passes, technology advances. there two experiences.

The pursuit of my goal to study computer engineering will enable me to gather knowledge, but equally important to me is the career mobility of such a field of knowledge and enterprise. During my summer breaks in college, I plan to be able to find an internship. That will be able to help me out with the career I am looking forward to study.

It will also give a deeper interest and experiences, once I come out of undergraduate school. One of my career goals is working with a large company like Boeing. My biggest goal is working with the CIA or the FBI I would like to the person behind the desk working with their high-tech equipment.

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