World technological innovations than any conflict in history.

World technological innovations than any conflict in history.

World War I was rising Nazi feeling across Europe, colonial and economic rivalries, which contributed to growing international tension.

The main spark that started World War I was the assassination of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914. The heart of the conflict were the Central Powers, Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the Allied Powers, Britain, France, and Russia; Italy joined later in 1915, and then United States joined in 1917. World War I was the first war to be fought on land, at sea, and in the air. World War I brought more technological innovations than any conflict in history.

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Machine guns, battleships, land mines, barbed wire, engine-driven transport vehicles, and other products of 19th-century industrialization combined with such newer innovations as the airplane and poison gas to make killing more efficient. World War I one was a one big mess, which caused the deaths of thousands of people, world trade fell, and it gave birth to Hitler.The increased technology of World War I had greatly expanded humankind’s potential for killing.

World War I was the first war to use new technology such as aircraft, machine guns, poison gas, and much more. By using new technology, many people or soldiers died because it is really easy to shoot somebody using guns instead of stabbing somebody with the sword as they used to do in earlier wars. This war killed many sons, husbands, fathers all over the world. In this War of about 16,000,000 soldiers and about 13,000,000 civilians died all over the world in this war. It was hoped that this had served as a lesson to nations and that future battles could be avoided.

After World War I the League of Nations was established to settle international argument peaceably like UN for United Nations.World War I also effected the economy of United States and the World economy. Stock market crashed in October 1929 in United States, and it marked the beginning of the great depression. Thousands of banks and businesses failed during this time. Agricultural production fell, and unemployment rose quickly.

Unemployment commonly exceeded twenty five percent. In 1933 one out of every four American workers was out of a job. Since World War I effected the economies of almost all the countries, the world trade fell off and countries turned to nationalist economic policies that only provoked the problem. Prices of everything were so high that money sometimes was more useful to burn than to spend. Counties had over 280, 000 million dollars in expense during war. The costs of World War I was too big to pay for the world, and the economy of almost all the countries fell down.World War I led to the World War II.

World War I effected everyday life. People started blaming other countries for the war, which led to the start of World War II. When World War I ended, and Germany lost, Hitler, soldier in Germany army, blamed Jews for Germany’s loss. Since people didn’t know what to do and didn’t had any money either, so they started following him and he became in power. The he started putting Jews into concentration camps because he thought that Jews were the cause of the Germany’s loss. He started killing Jews.

He killed six million Jews and other countries started to worry that this will start the World War II, so United States took action to stop him from killing people and this is how World War II started. And world was broken once again.As shown above World War I effected the world many different ways. Many soldiers and civilians got wounded and died in this war. World economy fell and Great Depression took place in United States after World War I.

People were broke they didn’t had any jobs or money. Everything was so expensive, that it was better to burn the money. World War I got six million Jews killed, which later led to World War II.

World War I was supposed to be a lesson for people not to fight or start another war, but World War II took place shortly after World War I. Now lets hope that World War II is a hope for the world not to start World War III.Bibliography:

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