“The hunting than carrying out more routine duties,

“The hunting than carrying out more routine duties,

“The two boys faced each other. There was the brilliant world ofhunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill; and there was world oflonging and baffled common-sense.” A quote showing the two main contrastsof the story. Savageness, and civilization.

This, is the Lord of the Flies,a book written by William Golding. The Lord of the Flies has someinteresting and deep thoughts, pertaining to the theme, plot, characters,and setting in this novel. William Golding did not just start writing abook; he took his time and worked out every little matter, to make sure thebook was entertaining, and most of all, did not bore the reader.The Lord of the Flies begins with about 20 pre-adolescent boys who areon an airplane, and the airplane crashes on an uninhabited coral island inthe Pacific. The airplane crew has been killed, and the boys are left ontheir own.

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They start to collect themselves into a society of foodgatherers under an elected chief, Ralph. Ralph is about 12 years old, andhas a very sensible, and logical personality. At first, the boys createduties to follow, and they live amicably in peace.Soon however, differences arise as to their priorities. The smallerchildren (know as littl’uns) lose interest in their tasks; the older boyswant to spend more time hunting than carrying out more routine duties, suchas keeping the signal fire on the top of the mountain going, and buildingshelters. A rumor spreads that a “beast” of some sort is lurking in theforest, and the children have nightmares.

Jack, (A ruthless, power-hungry person), promising to fulfil thechildren’s desire for a reversion to the ways of primitivism, is chosen asthe new leader, and the society splits into two sections: those who want tohunt and soon become savages, and those who believe in rational conduct,and a civiliized manner. Ralph, the rational leader, soon finds himself asthe outcast with Piggy, (a fat, non-athletic, logical type, boy).Simon, one of the more rational boys, finds out the secret of the”beast”, and sees that it is only a dead parachuted pilot. He goes to thehunting group, and before he can say anything, they kill him by accident.Piggy is later killed by Jack when he accused Jack of stealling his glasses,At the end of the story, Ralph finds himself all alone, and Jack seesthe opportunity to track him down and rid himself of his nemisis. Jackgives orders to his savage group to hunt down Ralph, and Ralph finds thisout.

Just as Ralph is about to be killed by the “savages”, a naval officerBibliography:

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