Did you know there is still slavery currently in both India and Africa

Did you know there is still slavery currently in both India and Africa

Did you know there is still slavery currently in both India and Africa? India has over 14 million slaves and “30 million people still remain slaves in africa”(Dixon First paragraph). Currently India has the most people living in modern slavery.

Modern Slavery In India
Many people believed slavery was gone in India but it was not “All forms of modern slavery continue to exist in India, including intergenerational bonded labor, forced child labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced recruitment into non-state armed groups and forced marriage,”(Abrams, 1). Many of the slaves in india are mainly forced into debt bondage which leads to sex trafficking and hard labor. Slaves only chance to become free was if they paid off all their debt. According to Sara Banasiak “Slave masters beat and treat their slave like they are animals rather than humans” (1). Slaves in india were only sold by their family members, if someone besides their family sold them they would be charged fines but also capital punishment. Slaves were allowed some freedom but only a little for example, slaves were able to control over money, property, and the right to compensation or wages for labor. If you deprive a slave of these rights it will lead to a punishable offence. Even though slave owners don’t really follow the rules they are not allowed to require a slave to carry dead, sweep human waste, forcing nudity or keeping in nudity if these rules were broken the master would lose their slave. India really didn’t have an established law about slavery.

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Modern Slavery In Africa
According to Abdi Latif Dahir “Africa today has the highest rate of modern slavery in the world”(1). It is estimated that 9.2 million men, women, and children are still currently living in modern slavery just in Africa. Debt Bondage was the form of slavery in africa. Debt Bondage was unfair slavery because sometimes you were charged more for food and shelter rather than working so this made it hard to pay off your debt in time.Was slavery really outlawed in africa? I don’t really think so even though great britain outlawed slavery there is still modern slavery in africa. Many people ask why were the slaves always in africa well according to Mail and Guardian Africa “As Eltis writes, except for a few social deviants, neither Africans nor Europeans would enslave members of their own societies, but in the early modern period, Africans had a somewhat narrower conception of who was eligible for enslavement than had Europeans. Without this notable dissonance there would have been no African slavery in the Americas, as it was cheaper to enslave other Europeans than send ships to remote and rough Africa. This difference thus explained the dramatic surge of the trade, as Europeans riding the crest of ocean-going technology found more willing sellers in Africa. Essentially, the trade exploited a gap between existing pan-Europeanness and an absent pan-Africanism.”(1)

Today there’s still slavery which is called modern slavery all around the world. Many of the forms of slavery were just simple debt bondage and sex trafficking. Even though you don’t think slavery is going on it is actually going on all around you many children and adults are forced into debt bondage or sex trafficking.


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