Debussys he is able to give the

Debussys he is able to give the

Debussys Arabaesque, has become one of my favorite pieces of classical Music for the simple fact that it is easy for me to identify with. This particular piece of music reminds me a lot of a roller coaster because there are a lot of places where Debussy will build up to a climax then drop dramatically. He is able to do this by manipulating the tempo in which he plays the notes, and the order in which he plays the notes. For example, when he builds up to the climax he plays the notes up tempo and in scale rhythm. When Debussy does this it gives the piece a light hearted feel.

Then he uses a chord of notes to drop from the climax. In doing this he is able to give the music a melancholy under tone. Debussy will then play a line of music but then he will return to the climax and fall routine.

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Therefore making the piece repetitive. I find that the pieces repitition is what gives the piece its beauty. I find that the repitition helps relax the listener and helps them to be able to flow with the music. I enjoy this piece so much because to me it isnt just another piece of music for listening purposes but in listening it becomes a tool for my mind to use. I say this because this particular piece enables me to free my mind and to think more clearly about an array of thing. Those things may include: my school work, my plans for the next day, or I may things of a greater importance such as my spirituality or just memories.

So I also use it as a tool for my concentration I love to listen to this piece while writing a paper for any of my classes because to me it seems as the notes are being played words are coming to me in my head. Maybe not as fast as the notes but to me the notes symbolize the words of my sentences. I also love to listen to this piece when I am studying my bible at night because it seems I am able to read the words at the pace of the notes and it seems that I can better understand what I am reading. Personally I think it is because while the music is playing the words I am reading is like the words of a song and they fit the music. So this is why I say it is a tool for my spirituality. As far as it stirring up my memories this piece sounds like a piece that they put in movies where the play a piece and they have a series of pictures showing symbolizing the persons memories.

When I play this piece and look at photos that is what it feels like to me. When I read what I have put in this paper it seems a little silly to me but it is the truth. To me music is a sense of escape. That is what I am doing when I here this piece I am escaping but I am escaping into what I am doing while I am listening to this particular piece. Bibliography:

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