ASL negative manner. It irritated me that Gallaudet

ASL negative manner. It irritated me that Gallaudet

ASL 14 October 2000Deaf President Now Protest #2First of allI had no clue of how large of an issue The Deaf President Now Protest was. It surprised me that it had not been talked about in my past history classes. The Deaf President Now Protest was so symbolic to that of the Womans Rights Movement and Civil Rights Movement.

It might have been a smaller issue due to the fact that the Deaf Community is smallerhowever, the protest was just as big. It really upsets me that I didnt learn about this until I took an ASL course. While reading this article, there were many statements that struck me in a negative manner. It irritated me that Gallaudet treated the students unfairly, such as when they made decisions without even discussing them with the student body. Also something that really blew my mind when they stated that Deaf people could not manage finances! Finances have nothing to do with hearing! On top of things they stated that ASL and Deaf culture were easier to learn that budgetary skills.

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I myself can prove that both ASL and Deaf Culture are very tough.When I read about the teacher telling her students that they cant it really hurt me. Why should a teacher ever being teaching I cant? Where does any person get the right to tell someone else what they are able to achieve and not achieve?My thoughts about the whole issue of getting a deaf president were all mingled.

I understand where the Deaf Community was coming frombut at the same time I think that if a hearing person had all of the qualifications and the right attitude she/he could do just as good of a job. Education

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