CYP they are not aware of their needs

CYP they are not aware of their needs

CYP 3. 1 2. 2 How development is influenced by personal factors. A child’s development will be influenced by many factors such as; environmental, genetics, parenting styles, religion, background, culture, income, health disability etc. Health: If a pupil suffers from a disability, impairment or poor health this could restrict their opportunities in development.

For example a child with an impairment may not be able to participate in certain activities that other children can. This could affect physical development and also maybe social activities.It could also affect them emotionally especially if they are not aware of their needs and how much it can affect them. It is important for the teachers and other adults in the school to be aware of the affects that the pupils could have from these circumstances so that they can be supported and can be ensured that they will be included as much as possible. Learning difficulties: A child who has learning difficulties can be affected in emotional/intellectual/social development depending on the child’s diagnosis.

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These children need to be encouraged to develop in areas to the best of their ability. The support practitioner should be given advice and guidelines from professionals on how to manage their needs. How development is influenced by external factors. Background and family environment: Environmental factors include; parenting styles, religion, background, culture, income, drug/alcohol abuse, community in which they live in, media (depending on age), experiences, access to play, opportunities to socially interact, stimulation, extra curricular activities, education and diet etc.Pupils will come from many different environments and cultures. There are situations that happen outside of school in the pupils family lives such as bereavement or break-ups.

The school may not have been informed about these circumstances so they are not aware. These factors though can have a huge affect on the child and their emotional/intellectual development and staff may notice changes in a pupils behaviour and ability to learn from the result of these.Education: Some children may come to school with no previous education. Maybe the pupil came from a different country or had been previously home-schooled which may have affected their social development. In this case the pupil may need additional support in class until they become settled in their environment and get used to being with so many other children and teachers.

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