Children are targeted by companies

Children are targeted by companies

Commercialism affects children everyday.

Children are targeted by companies to become life-long buyers of their products. When commercialism is brought into schools it is harder for children to learn to make educated decisions about their purchases. Kids need to be educated and given proper instructions about how to be objective towards advertisements. Parents and teachers should educate children in their care about false and misleading advertisements. They need to grow up learning which products are quality products and are useful to buy.

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Schools should not be bringing companies into schools, closer to the children they are targeting. They should not be signing contracts with companies and profiting off of children. Coaches of sports teams are doing this and the children are influenced to buy that product. Seeing all the advertisements on TV give children a false sense of reality. They sometimes actually believe they can fly, or drive cars at dangerous speeds and still be safe.

These feats make real life look boring. This makes exciting events such as skydiving and bungee-jumping look like child’s play. We should be bringing children up to enjoy the thrills of life, not to try and top them. Children should be introduced to reality in a real way. Do not try to protect your children from advertising, but try to keep them realistic.

Help your children to become smart- shoppers and confident consumers.

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