Chapter I INTRODUCTION Project Context Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office is a government organization that is responsible for the safety of everyone that is in their jurisdiction

Chapter I INTRODUCTION Project Context Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office is a government organization that is responsible for the safety of everyone that is in their jurisdiction

Chapter I
Project Context
Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office is a government organization that is responsible for the safety of everyone that is in their jurisdiction. They conduct orientations in every Barangay for them to know if every citizen is well aware of the procedures that they must follow in every calamity that will happen. They are also responsible for rescue operations and relief goods distribution before and after the calamity.

In their office is where the relief goods and other items that they need is located. In every item they need its information such as quantity and when it should be replaced. How can they decide if they don’t have such information of every item that is in their office?
Information is most essential when it comes to decision making. You need to keep records for you to be able to track what information is needed. Several problems were encountered by those who don’t store information. You cannot decide what you have to do when you are lack of information.

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Lots of information is needed in every organization. Even those government organizations need to store information. Some offices in government stores information of raw materials they have in their storeroom.
There are lot of ways to store information. One of the best examples is making an inventory for information of items. By having this inventory you may know the quantity of items that you have and the quantity of items you release on the store room. This is done manually by writing information on a record book.

Using pen and paper in an inventory, it takes too much time to store information of items they have. It uses physical means to transport information when using a manual inventory. It can be depleted by using hand meaning it has a low security and can be access by anyone easily. It is also difficult for them to store heavy information for it is only written on a paper.

But now a day, by discovering advance technology we can do tasks easier and more convenient. Using computer database system we can store information easily and it takes just a little time to do such a task like this.
Increasing the use of advance technology to solve problems is very useful. It also increases the computer literacy of an organization or even the government itself. It helps them know how to do task easier. Inventory system is one of these advanced technologies that have a great advantage in using a manual inventory.

Inventory systems are tracking systems that inform you of the amount of raw materials, supplies or final products you have readily available. The inventory system is updated each time you release an item or use raw materials to create a product, so you know what you have available for the following day or week. This type of system also allows you to order products in advance, so you have everything you need at all times.

By using an inventory system, information of items transferred electrically which is easier than physical means. It can store and transfer large amount of information. Also the files are difficult to destroy and can last for a long time and at the same time it is difficult to access by anyone. Files are highly protected because not anyone can access one’s PC if not required.

There are many instances when someone asks you to give information. There are two ways of giving it to them, through the computer or giving them the written form. The difference between two is stated to give them the different advantages of each terms.

Purpose and Description
The purpose of this study is to know the advantages of using inventory systems in storing information of items. This study is for us to know what is the function and limitations of an inventory system. It is also for us to know if this study was effective and helpful to the beneficiaries.
This inventory system is a database management system that allows the person in charge to keep and track information of items that was released or taken by the office. It is computerized and secure that only admin can have an access and edit on what is in the system.
This system is designed to maintain an appropriate stock level of all items, and to avoid shortages and oversupply. The set of policies and controls that determine what inventory level should be maintained, when stock should be replaced and how large order should be.

It is designed for government use and not for marketing purposes. It contains the stock of items to be used by MDRRMO staffs.
MDRRMO is in need of inventory system regarding item’s information. It must be computerized for the convenient of their staffs. The specific objectives are:
To study the advantages of a computerized inventory system
To develop a secured inventory system by allowing to access only the authorized user
To develop a less inconsistent inventory transactions
To design and develop a system using Visual Basic
Scope, Limitation and Delimitation of the Study
The administrator can be able to login the system and access the database. They can add, update or remove information of every item. The admin account cannot be accessed by other employees in their office. Other user is limited in modifying information of items.

This study is bounded for only MDRRMO staffs. The system can only be accessed offline. It is only for government use. The researchers will only focus in developing the system for Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office to provide a convenient way of inventory. It must have a login system for every user that is required to access the system. The language we must use is Visual Basic to design this system.

This study is not for marketing management related tasks. This system is not for market or department stores. The researchers must not look on a marketing reference because it is only for the government use.Significance of the Study


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